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There is a 3-series book called “30 Days of Sex Talks.” There is one for ages 3-7, one for ages 8-11, and one for ages 12+.

I was raised by older adults who grew up a time where intimacy was not talked about much and they passed that on to me. I remember feeling so uncomfortable inside because of, probably, how my mother felt while talking to me.

Now being a mom of two, however, I understand the importance of starting early and talking openly about things. “30 Days of Sex Talks” is a series of three books that help empower your child with knowledge of sexual intimacy. The first book starts out simple and really can be started at a young age. It helps a parent ask questions about their bodies and helps parents answer questions. The second book is perfect for slightly older children (8-11). It brings up puberty, maturing, and relationships. The third book talks a lot more about the hard stuff – pornography, relationships, and what is appropriate for their bodies at their age.

These books are so great because it allows parents to have open discussions about sex with their children. As I read through each book it made it all sound so simple and I felt as though I could reach some of these goals I set for myself while reading them. In fact, as school is slowing down, I look forward to using these books more often throughout the day during the summer to make sure that my children understand their bodies and why  some things are okay while others are not.

I don’t want to spoil these books for you, because I really would love to go more in depth about almost every single chapter and why I loved it, but I’ll let you read it for yourself and educate and empower your children. These books can be found on Amazon. Click the picture below to see the book of your choice. (If you’re a new mom, I recommend getting all three.)


  1. Thanks for this review! The thing I like is that it’s an ongoing discussion. I’ve had talks a few times and then never bring it up again. I thought I did my part but after meeting Dina (the author) and looking at the books myself, I realized I need an open dialog. It’s not a one and done thing or having THE TALK. It’s more keeping open communication.

    I wish I’d had these books sooner!

    Blog on!

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