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There are a wide-variety of family-friendly hikes in Utah County. Here is the Utah Valley Moms list. Please contact us to add to our list.

Battle Creek Falls

Steep and consistent. Only about 1.2 miles to the waterfall.

Directions:  go east on 200 South in Pleasant Grove until it ends at a park. That is the trailhead.

Big Springs Trail

It is steep but it has a natural spring lowing from the mountainside.

Directions:  Big Springs Park is located near the top of South Fork Canyon Road. From the mouth of Provo Canyon, travel east up Provo Canyon Road to Vivian Park (approx. 8 miles.)  Turn right onto South Fork Road, past Vivian Park, past Giles Ranch, Past South Fork Park, and on to Big Springs Park (approx 2.5 miles.) The hike to Cascade Saddle starts at the Big Springs Park’s upper (west-most) parking lot on the north-side.

Bridal Veil Falls

Although it’s not much of a hike, there is a paved path from the parking lot to the falls. It is perfect for little children.

Directions:  follow the road up Provo Canyon to Bridal Veil Falls. It will be on the south side of the road.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

This trail runs along the old Bonneville Lake shoreline. The steepness varies as it goes up and down the mountain.

Directions:  There are many starting points but the easiest spot is from the Parking lot below Bridal Veil Falls. From the Bridal Veil Falls parking lot continue up the Provo River Parkway for .1 mile to where the single track breaks off on your right. The trail climbs steadily, gaining about 500 feet in the first mile. The trail then intersects with a pipeline and is relatively flats as it winds around the hills. Don’t take any intersecting trails that climb or decsend just continue flat. About 2.5 miles from the parking lot a single track climb to the left. You can continue straight on the flat for a view but come back and take this single track over the hill. It goes through a maze of intersecting ATV trails and finally reaches a burried water tank. Climb a dirt road and then follow it south above orchard and then climb again above a park in order to get above a cluster of homes on the hillside. Descend toward the homes and exit onto Aspen Ridge Lane.

Buffalo Mountain Trail

Buffalo Mountain is the peak just to the north of Squaw Peak. It is a fairly short hike.

Directions:  drive up Provo Canyon to the Squaw Peak Road turn off. Drive up SPR; at the T in the road, turn left (like you’re going to Hope Campground). Keep driving about 2.5 miles on the (dirt) road. Keep watching on the right side; you’ll see a fence, and the break in the fence is where you access the trail. It’s less than a mile to get to the summit.

The longest hike, but with no driving on dirt: drive up Provo Canyon to the Squaw Peak Road turn off. Drive up SPR; at the T in the road, turn right to go to the overlook. Park there, and take the trail that runs south along the mountain. This eventually intersects with SPR; watch for the trail to curve south, or walk along the road until you get to the split in the fence mentioned above.

Cascade Springs

There are wooden paths throughout the springs. It is an easy walk for almost everyone.

Directions:  To get to Cascade Springs take the Alpine Scenic Loop up American Fork canyon. From the summit of the Alpine Scenic Loop you will come to a turn off that will be marked Cascade Springs. A word of caution. The Alpine Scenic Loop road is very narrow. It is not recommend to take vehicles longer then 30 feet. There are some switch backs that are very tight and you may experience problems.

Cedar Hills Trail

There are dirt paths along the side of the mountain.

Directions:  Find an easy entrance at the base of the mountain at the crossroads of Canyon Road and Cedar Hills Drive. Trails are visible from the road.

(Dry Canyon) Meadow

This is a steep hike to the meadow.

Directions:  Drive east up 2000 North until, just before it curves south, take the last left. Stay on this road until you get to the parking lot. This trail will take you to the top of Baldy if you continue on; in the meadow, there is a right-hand split that will take you to the top of Little Baldy.

Eagle Mountain Trails

There are many trails in Eagle Mountain through Silverlake, ones off of the Pony Express Parkway, through the city center, and more.

First Falls, Aspen Grove Trail

This as a partly-paved trail. This trail leads to the Timpanogos Summit but hiking to the waterfalls is kid-friendly.

Directions:  Drive just past the entrance gate (paid) to the Alpine Loop on the Sundance side; parking lot is on the left. The trail cuts through the middle of the meadow.

Forest Lake

Directions:  From Interstate 15, take State Road 92 into American Fork Canyon. Go to Tibble Fork Reservoir and find the right fork, an unpaved road. Follow it for 4.2 miles. The road has exposed rock, wash outs and will be slow traveling. A high-clearance vehicle is preferable. The trailhead is Shaffer Fork, which also is labeled as “FS 194.”

Highland Glen Park

Lake, playground, pavilion … it’s like being up the canyon without being up the canyon.

Directions:  4800 Knight Avenue, Highland

Highland Glen Trails

Hobble Creek Parkway

Directions:  the trail begins north of the small reservoir at the mouth of the canyon.

Indian Hills Trail

This trail is steep with unique views of the valley. It winds along the foothills of Cascade Mountain.

Directions:  From Provo Canyon, head south on University Avenue. Turn left onto Canyon Road. Take the first left and head up the hill. The parking lot is on the left.

Jordan River Parkway

Paved trail

Directions:  access points exist near the inlet at Utah Lake, near Willow Park, off Highway 73 and the historic bridge at 9600 North.

Lindon Heritage Trail

This is a paved trail that runs through Lindon. The east end of the Heritage Trail connects to a trail up Dry Canyon that joins the Great Western Trail, running north and south along the western edge of Mount Timpanogos. The Great Western Trail is an inter-connected trail running through Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, from the Mexican border to Canada.

Directions:  Park at Lindon City Park (200 N. State Street). Go north on State Street; turn right just after you get to the bottom of the hill—if you get to the light on the corner where Los Hermanos and Pizza Factory are, you’ve gone too far.

Lindon Marina Trail

This is a very short paved trail next to the lake.

Directions:  Head west on 2000 North. Turn left at the “T” and follow the road. To park it is paid or you may park further away on Vineyard Road.

Orem Bench Trails

This is a set of four trails. From the parking lot, the trail on the farthest left is pretty flat; eventually it hooks up to the Dry Springs trailhead. This would be a great hike for kids. The one of the farthest right is steep for about ¾ of a mile, and then it levels out. Eventually it takes you to Mount Timpanogos Park (with a lot of different trails intersecting the main one). I haven’t hiked the two middle trails.

Directions:  Drive north on 800 East past the cemetery. Just before the road curves onto 1600 North, there is a little right hand turn. Take that and follow it all the way up to the paved parking lot.

Pleasant Grove’s “G”

This hike is steep.

Directions:  Start at Kiwanis Park in Pleasant Grove (about 1700 E 200 S). Walk through the park to the trailhead.

Provo’s “Y”

This hike is steep.

Directions:  From 900 E in Provo, turn east on 820 North and follow it as it veers left and becomes Oakmont Lane. Take a right on Oak Cliff Drive and veer right. Take a right on Terrace Drive and a left to head into the “Y” Trailhead parking lot.

Provo River Trail

This trail runs from Vivian Park up Provo Canyon to Utah Lake.

Directions:  There are a lot of entry points including Vivian Park, any parks up Provo Canyon west of Vivian Park, the mouth of Provo Canyon (just west of the entrance by the gas station), Shops at Riverwoods,and Utah Lake.

Murdock Canal Trail

This trail runs from Orem through Lehi.

Directions:  Find trailheads at

The trail starts at 1200 N 800 East. Access also from: 300 N. 780 East, Lindon: 600 E. 1100 North, Pleasant Grove; 3595 West Canyon Heights Drive, Cedar Hills; 9800 N. 5200 West, Highland.

Rock Canyon

Directions:  Go east on 2300 N (turn on 2320 N off of 900 E)in Provo. The trailhead is at the end of the street.

Tibble Fork Loop Trail

This is a 3.8 mile loop trail around a lake at Tibble Fork up American Fork Canyon.

Scout Falls

This is the first section of the Timpanookee trail to the Timpanogos Summit. Start at the trailhead; at the first major switchback, go straight instead of turning right. Watch for signs. It is about 3.4 miles and fairly level.

Directions:  From the Alpine Loop through American Fork Canyon, watch for signs to the Timpanooke Trailhead. Turn right off the main loop road, drive past a campground and park in the parking lot.

Stewart Falls

The trail is a great trail for kids at just under 2 miles one way.

Directions:  Drive just past the entrance gate (paid) to the Alpine Loop passing Sundance. Park on the left. The trial begins on the north side of the parking lot. An alternative shorter route is to park at Sundance, take the ski lift to Ray’s Summit (paid), and then follow the trial.

The Grotto

This is a kid-friendly hike that only takes about 15-30 minutes. Once there, it has a beautiful rock grotto and a waterfall.

Directions:  The trailhead is located on a big switchback on the Payson Canyon highway. For more information and directions, click here.

Vineyard Utah Lake Entrance

This is a paved trail next to the lake.

Directions:  Turn west onto 400 South in Orem and turn north onto Vineyard Road. Turn west onto 3600 N and follow it to the end of the road. The road will eventually become Center Street. Parking will be at the end of the street.


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