At our mission is to provide a helping hand during feeding time.
We believe that contact and touch between an infant and parent is essential to thrive.
While many debate on the best way to feed an infant, exists as a choice that allows a free hand when necessary.

About Us

Many great inventions are inspired by necessity. Such is the case with the . Kate Somerville was a young , single mother
of a 6-month old baby boy. On a daily basis her life revolves around the hardships of raising a child on her own;
meanwhile she is passionate about pursuing a career in nursing. She was recently accepted into a renowned
Nursing College. Kate knew this would challenge her to balance her time with the baby, but she saw this as
a long-term investment towards her and her baby’s future.
She encountered many frustrations being a single, hard-working mother and sometimes just wished for an extra hand.
One day after her Human Anatomy class, Kate was trying to feed her baby boy while attempting to write a research paper.
This is when she came up with the idea of the .
The allowed Kate to feed her baby boy and simultaneously write her research paper. She was even able to
feed her baby while making dinner for herself. Kate felt accomplished and at ease once she had the in her life.
Kate and her baby girl couldn’t be any happier!
These super cute helping hands come in 4 colors online. Pink, Blue, Turquoise and Magenta. Each cost $18.99 a piece. These are so soft and are a nice cusiony pillow.
So many questions are probably running through your head. They answer a bunch of them on their site like:
Frequently Asked Questions

Does the latch onto the baby’s neck? How exactly does it work?
The gently rests on the shoulders of the baby, making it very easy for the baby
to push off when they finish eating.

Does the elastic bottle strap support all bottle types and sizes?
Yes, the elastic is stretchy enough to allow any size bottle to fit in.

How do you wash the ?
Wash separately. No bleach. Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Tumble dry low. Do not iron.
Can the baby be lying down while using the ?
No, the baby must be sitting in an upright position.

What kind of material is the made out of?
is 100% polyester, consisting of polyester fiber and filling.

Will the BABABIB apply pressure on the baby’s chest or neck?
Not at all. It is made out of an extremely light materials (toy animal stuffing), and rests gently on the baby.
Danelle wasn’t to sure about this at first. She got used to it really quick. It was nice for me to be able to hold her and yet still help the other kids with homeworks or read them books. I have always said as a mom we should have been given a new hand for each child. This sort of helped with that. I hate feeding her in the carseat. I think that shows lack of closeness. This product has helped in those times when I couldnt pull over to the side of the road and feed her. I was able to put this on her and still drive. Made for a more pleasant drive for the both of us. The material is very easy to clean. You can wash with a rag for the light drips or if your little one has reflux like Danelle you can throw this in the washer. I love this product! I still don’t use this all the time, but in those very busy moments I’m thankful to have it.

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