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If you’re in Utah County and looking for fireworks, don’t forget about local company Provo Fireworks. You can order online (no local store) and pick up your order of fireworks for free in Provo or you can order delivery for only $5 if you are in the Provo/Orem area.

Provo Fireworks

The owner wants to make sure that every single person has a good experience working with Provo Fireworks. If there are any problems with your order, please contact him – if there are problems with your order or even if you go to light the firework and realize it’s a dud. Contact him and he will be more than willing to work with you on fixing the problem.

Little extras are even provided (glow in the dark necklaces for the girls, stink bombs for the boys). Provo Fireworks is serious about wanting to make sure you have a great experience with buying from them.

On the buying experience:

Provo Fireworks provides videos for most of their products, especially the pricier items like the Aerial fireworks. That is one great thing about versus walking up to a tent and buying from there. Also, just in general, it’s a lot more convenient to buy online – no lines, no sun, no parking necessary. You can buy at any time and as long as you have the web, Provo Fireworks is available for you to purchase.

On the product side:

Provo Fireworks keeps their prices very low. Because it’s just a website, there are fewer costs associated with the business and therefore, firework prices are cheaper.

Provo Fireworks provides a free pickup option, free delivery in Provo/Orem on orders over $100 or a reasonably priced delivery for orders under $100.

The prices are so reasonable that Provo Fireworks is cheaper than the stores in Evanston, Wyoming.  This is significant as many people who take their fireworks seriously take the drive up to Evanston to buy their items.  The fact is, there are now cheaper prices right here in Utah.


100 Shot Saturn Missile – 7.50 –
Evanston – 12.99 –

Parachute Battalion – 18.50 –
Evanston – 34.99 –

Sparklers – 4.00 – (10 packs of 6 sparklers)
Evanston – 7.99 – (6 packs of 6 sparklers)
I also offer a nice wide variety.  The fireworks range from simple novelty items like snaps and sparklers to commercial quality aerials that will absolutely amaze people like the Highstepper.

Again, there is a no-dud guarantee. Please feel free to contact Provo Fireworks with any issues you may have.