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I love travel and am always looking for a way out of Utah Valley. I love exploring and the kids love staying in a hotel. Recently we had the opportunity to stay at My Place Hotel in St. George. Here’s three of the things I really loved about My Place Hotel in St. George:

  • Affordable. Vacations already add up so quickly from gas, hotel, food, and activities. I think that the price point at My Place Hotel in St. George is reasonable.
  • Amenities. There is a pool which is really all my kids need from a hotel. However, I really love the kitchenette area. It has a full-sized fridge and freezer, stove top, and microwave which means we can buy groceries from the local store (or they sell some groceries by the front desk) and make most foods that we want to eat. It definitely helps save some money. The hotel also has washers and dryers to help keep all those clothes clean!
  • Breakfast. For $4.49 (current price may change), we could place an order the day before we wanted breakfast and it would be delivered to our refrigerator. Each breakfast comes with an entree, side, and drink. It seemed a little pricey at first but then I thought about every breakfast we go out to and we usually spend $20-30 for the 4 of us. I liked that it was delivered to our room and ended up saving us money. Plus the kids thought it was so fun because they rarely get those breakfast options and get to eat in bed!

My Place Hotel St. George My Place Hotel St. George

The second part of any vacation is figuring out what to do while on vacation. My Place Hotel was located right by the freeway which made it really fast to get anywhere we wanted to go.

Snow Canyon

I had heard good things about Snow Canyon but honestly didn’t know what to expect. We paid the entrance fee and enjoyed the sand dunes first. It wasn’t a lot of rolling sandy hills but there was plenty of sand to play in. We could have spent hours there. When entering from the south canyon entrance, the sand dunes are up on the left/west. There are a couple of parking areas with restrooms.

Snow Canyon, St. George

Then we headed to the lava tubes. It is about a mile walk to the first lava tube. It’s a steep entrance so my 6 and 8 year old did not go into that one. We continued the walk and did explore a different lava cave. Past those areas is a large rock that a lot of families were enjoying. The kids enjoyed climbing all over it.

There are other hikes in Snow Canyon and other places to explore so make sure you take a look at the options and decide which areas you want to see.

Downtown St. George

We typically visit Town Square Park in Downtown St. George. It has a splash pad, carousel, and large grassy areas. Judd’s General Store, a store over 100 years old, is also there. They’re known for their candies and bread sticks and well, just their store in general.


We visited Sand Hollow and Quail Creek. Ivins Reservoir is also nearby. We enjoyed boating and took our kayaks to the reservoirs.

Sand Hollow Reservoir St. George

The kids enjoyed playing on the beach at Sand Hollow. We bought kids meals at The Beach at Sand Hollow (B.A.S.H.) which came in a pail and with a shovel. The kids loved it. We also got sweet potato fries and ice cream.

Beach at Sand Hollow Kids Meal

Quail Creek had no great beaches but it was a lot more empty than Sand Hollow so we basically had the beach to ourselves.

Quail Creek State Park

Thunder Junction Park

I had heard things about this park but it was kind of unbelievable once we arrived. We went first thing in the morning so it wasn’t very hot and there weren’t many people who had arrived yet. There are multiple play areas and it is an all-abilities park so there are a lot of swings and things to play on that are for all abilities.

Thunder Junction Park in St. George

A section of the park is dedicated to dinosaurs which is fun. A volcano goes off and there’s a huge eating area inside the volcano.

A train runs around the playground park area. It is $2 per person for the ride. It’s not an exciting ride but the kids loved it just the same.

I would recommend going first thing in the morning or later in the evening. While there are shade sails and trees, the playground equipment still gets very hot.


Other things we did included enjoyed a lot of food, played pickleball which is a growing sport in St. George, and spent time driving around.

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