We Are Loving Xfinity KidsZone!


One of our family’s new favorite traditions at night is to turn on KidsZone on Xfinity and choose a fun kids movie or TV show to watch, or have a crazy dance party to all of the kids music videos available on there. We love how easy it is to access all the kid-friendly movies and shows, and that they are Parent Controlled. All our kids have to do to turn it on is to say “KidsZone” into the voice remote, and it will turn it on for them.

Another cool feature is that when in you are in KidsZone, a lot of the normal controls on the remote are automatically disabled, including the voice commands, so your little ones can’t easily get out of it and start browsing through all of the channels. Even if they turn the TV off and then back on, it will still be in KidsZone! It keeps them in there where you know the content is kid friendly.

Xfinity KidsZone is a FREE service that’s included with your Comcast Xfinity HD subscription. It puts all of the kid-friendly movies, TV shows, TV channels, and music videos all in one place. I love that KidsZone is a feature that offers a safe environment for my kids to watch movies and shows. It means I don’t have to worry about what they are watching if I have to step out of the room. We use it every day, AND LOVE IT!

Some of our kids’ favorite movies to watch on KidsZone right now are Zombies 2, Emoji Movie, Descendants 3, The Lego Movie, Lego Ninjago, Lego Batman (Can you tell I have 3 boys? ha ha) and the Kids Bop Music Videos.