Let me start by saying that I’m an only child which means that I am not always too good at sharing.  I never had to practice sharing because I had no siblings to steal my toys or food.  Somehow, however, I still learned to share … sometimes unwillingly though.  Like with this website.  When I find a gold mine, I hate to share it.

But I will.

This time.

Tight Wad in Utah is a website that lists all the low entry giveaways happening within the next week.  And I’m addicted.  I’ve been on a giveaway/freebies kick for the last few months and it’s hard not to enter into every sweepstakes, whether I want the product or not.  There’s just something so amazing about winning.

I’m hooked.

So join me in going to Tight Wad in Utah and start entering into the sweepstakes of your choice!  There’s so many and they’re updated frequently!


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*This is a non-paid review.


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