I grew up watching KBYU Eleven.  My parents knew it was a safe channel for me and I learned some interesting things including facts about animals and stories that I would later read in middle school and high school.  KBYU Eleven’s goal is to help parents, guardians, and teachers help children learn, as well as providing programming and other activities to help children learn.

KBYU Eleven has a wonderful website that has many resources for learning and some great activities for kids.  The activities are something that my daughter has enjoyed.  It even includes a weekly schedule of what is airing on television.  My daughter’s favorite show right now is “Curious George,” which is funny because she has only seen it a handful of times.  But it is on at 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays – it’s so nice having the schedule right there on their website!  Reading is also something that KBYU Eleven promotes which is fantastic.  Reading is such a great way to allow kids to expand their minds and helps in many aspects of their lives.  We received a poster where we have made goals to read books for the summer and will be able to check them off each time we read a book.  If you would like a reading goal chart for your child(ren), you may go here and also find more information about “raising readers.”

The website also offers resources for parents.  I highly recommend it and even offers some “research-based principles and methods to help you build a positive relationship with your child, achieve greater happiness in your family, and optimize your child’s school experience.”  “Ready to Learn” is one of my favorite parts because of how they have broken down a workshop into 12 steps/lessons.  The 12 workshops present key steps in your child’s development, demonstrate how to combine media with reading, and hands-on activities to enhance your child’s learning.  These steps should potentially help any person who is raising and/or teaching children.  Community resources are also available with various programs throughout the area that are helping children and other events going on in the community.

KBYU is truly focused on families and children.  It is a great resource for activities, learning, and parenting.  To learn more about what they do and have to offer, visit their website, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Stay tuned next week for an amazing giveaway from KBYU Eleven, right here on UCM!

UPDATE:  Enter to win two tickets to the Deer Valley Music Festival from KBYU Eleven!