Battle Creek Falls hike is just up 200 E in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Follow 200 East all the way East which opens up to a parking lot to Kiwanis Park and the trail is just south of the park. The trail is just over a mile long, 1.2 miles, to the waterfall. You may continue past the waterfall to more hikes but as we have little children, we decided to not continue more than about a half mile up the trail.

battle creek falls view
Here is the view from just above the falls of Utah Valley.

The trail to Battle Creek Falls is very family-friendly. In fact, we took our dog along with us and she even made some friends along the trail. The trail to the falls is almost entirely uphill. Once you arrive at the falls, you climb (if you’re my son)/walk a little ways down to get to the falls. It opens up to an area where you can sit and relax. We took a small lunch up and enjoyed it there. Many others found little trees to sit under or rocks in the water to enjoy their lunch.

battle creek falls

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