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A few other bloggers and I had the great opportunity to meet Rob Diamond, a local filmmaker who is a writer, producer, director, teacher, and actor.  And after meeting him, one thought immediately comes to my mind:  impressive.

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Rob began a career in the spotlight at a young age as a model for large companies like Levis 501 Blues, Honda, and Lucky Jeans.  He explained that he believes he was able to land so many of these jobs because he would make people laugh and be friendly.  And I believe it.  I originally called Rob to see if he would be willing to meet with some of us bloggers and was surprised at how willing he was to meet with us and talk to us.  He always called me back and even told us of how he is always trying to help other filmmakers with things they need.  For those of you who don’t know much about the film business, this type of person is rare!

After his modeling, he was able to break into movies including one including Mickey Rooney, “The Face On The Barroom Floor.”  Rob, as I mentioned, is a screenwriter who also produces, directs, and acts in his own films that he has made since his first days as an actor.

Rob’s most recent victory was “Best Director” for “Saint Street” at the 2013 Filmed In Utah Awards.  This movie has an interesting story as it was a very low budget movie and filmed on one street in Murray.  “Saint Street” is sold at local stores and can even be found online.  I have watched part of it (I may have fallen asleep at the beginning of it just like I do in almost every movie) and am loving it thus far!

Although Rob has many well-known movies, the one he is currently most excited for is his upcoming movie “Wayward:  The Prodigal Son.”  Rob says that he likes to make films, and this one specifically, for the broken hearted and the perfect to accept the broken.  He makes movies to enlighten and to entertain.  And he makes movies that are faith-based.  Rob enjoys movies because they are a way of spying on intimate emotions.  In “Wayward,” Rob plays the father (pictured above).  He wanted to make sure the actor could capture the emotions that he needed for this role.

We also got to meet the star and lead of the movie “Wayward,” Landon Henneman:

Landon always wanted to be an actor.  He started out as little kid, always watching his cousins making Rambo movies but was never invited to play so he just watched and as he grew older, he decided to make movies with his friends.  After some years, he happened to meet Rob Diamond the day Rob began writing “Wayward.”  Landon knew he wanted to play in the movie and worked hard with Rob to become an actor that Rob would cast in his film.  By the time it was casting time, Landon had improved and was cast as the lead role!  Of working in the film, being an actor, and working with Rob Diamond, Landon said that he has a great perspective on what matters most.  He is humbled and said it is humbling to be able to find the emotions that is required of him in this role and as an actor in general.

This movie, “Wayward,” is based on the story taken from Luke in the Bible about a son, who although he does not do what he is supposed to, is still given his father’s inheritance because his father loves him.  I am really excited about this movie because although it has a spiritual base, the movie still has a normal story line – Rob said it even includes mobsters and hookers.  Ha.  It will be coming out in 2014 so stay tuned and we’ll let you know as soon as we find out so that you know where you can see it!

Review of Wayward

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Rob also currently teaches actors.  You can find more information about Rob Diamond Talent on his website.


More on Rob:

Rob is an award winning independent filmmaker and sought after acting coach. He recently won “best director” for his work on the feature film “Saint Street” at the prestigious 2013 Filmed in Utah Awards.

He started his career in Los Angeles over 25 years ago where he landed commercials for companies such as Honda, Minute Maid, Toyota, Nissan, Coca Cola, Levis 501 Blues and Lucky Jeans among others. From there, he broke into the movies and starred in several independent films including “The Face On The Barroom Floor” with Hollywood icon, Mickey Rooney. Other movies followed before Rob started writing, directing and producing his own films in 1998.

Some of his writing, directing and producing credits include “Propensity” starring legendary character actor, Danny Trejo, “Tears of a King” about the final hours of Elvis Presley’s life, “Cinders of my Soul” which won “Best Dramatic Short” at the New York Independent Film Festival and “$1.11” which won numerous film festivals for “Best Family Film”.

Other feature films written and directed by Rob include “Justin Time” and “Once Upon a Summer” which were released on DVD in outlets such as BlockBuster, Hollywood Video, Walmart, Sam’s Club and numerous others.

Recent films include “Elizabeth’s Gift” which was released worldwide on DVD in July 2012 through Bridgestone Multimedia Group and “Shades of Treason” which premiered at the Orlando International Film Festival in 2012 .

Rob’s heartfelt Christmas drama “Saint Street” was recently released worldwide on DVD.

“WAYWARD: The Prodigal Son” is Rob’s latest film. He wrote, directed, produced and starred in this movie that holds a very special place in his heart. The film will be released in the summer of 2014.

Rob has written numerous other screenplays and has other film projects in the works that he will be
producing and directing through his company Rob Diamond Films.

In addition to being a successful independent filmmaker, Rob prides himself in teaching the art of film acting since 1998. He has a deep love and passion for teaching others and watching their dreams unfold. His students have landed speaking parts in literally hundreds of feature films, short films and commercials.

Rob’s credits can be seen by going to IMBD

I had the opportunity to attend a blogger event with Rob Diamond and Landon Henneman and receive a copy of “Saint Street” in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.


  1. I have been enjoying browsing through your sight this beautiful morning and came across your review on Rob Diamond. You have done a great job in introducing him, and telling us about his accomplishments in life. I am looking forward to Watching “WayWard.”
    Stephanie Goodman

  2. I signed on with Rob Diamond Talent about a month ago or so, and I’m so grateful that I did. He’s a wonderful teacher, director and overall, genuine, gracious Human being. He truly practices what he preaches & will never compromise himself or those he represents to make a buck. “Wayward” is one of those feel-good movies that will leave you wanting more….. Rob is great at everything he does & I’m so thrilled you were able have the opportunity to meet him, get to know him, and learn of all his great accomishments… He really is the kind of person that what you see is what you get; there’s no phony in Rob Diamond. GREAT ARTICLE LADIES!!!

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