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As a mom, my life can get so busy that at times I forget to record my children’s memories. And then way too often, I go through old photos and cannot quite remember where we were, what we were doing, and I definitely don’t remember some of the things the kids said at the time.

Memory Honey is changing all of that. Each week, Memory Honey will provide prompts for you to write about. These prompts come to you via text making it simple to respond with whatever story or response you’d like to add.

Their Basic Account ($1.99/month) allows for up to 3 prompts per week about your children and 20 photos per month. The Premium Account ($4.99/month) includes daily prompts, unlimited photos, prompts about children, spouse, and yourself, and also comes with a discount for books. Books start at $14/book.

Memory Honey Discount Coupon

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