Z's Steak & Chop Haus Pretzel
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Zermatt Resort in Midway is one of my favorite places to get away. Sometimes we’ll just make a day trip out of it and enjoy the fresh air and slower pace of life up in Heber Valley. We’ll head to Zermatt, visit the goats in the back of the property, grab some food, and wander around Zermatt Resort and other places in Midway.

Recently we were invited to visit Z’s Steak & Chop Haus. It is located at Zermatt Resort and is easily accessible from the parking lot as it is located near the front entrance of Zermatt Resort with a separate entrance into the restaurant. Z’s Steak & Chop Haus is open from Wednesday to Friday, 5-9 pm.

The Taste of Zermatt Utah Buffet is also available at Z’s Steak & Chop Haus. The buffet is open on Saturday evenings from 5-9 pm.

Z's Steak & Chop Haus Bread

When we went, Z’s Steak & Chop Haus offered a $25 menu. It included an entree plus 2 sides as well as unlimited soup and salad bar that also included a baked potato bar. This is the option I chose. My meal included steak, veggies, and Swiss potatoes gratin. I paired it with a blackberry lemonade as suggested. There was also an alcoholic pairing suggestion that I did not try.

While my entree and sides sound pretty basic, I was impressed with how delicious the food was. It was buttery with delicious seasoning. I also really enjoyed the soup and salad bar. Actually, any place with a good salad bar that is well maintained can win me over. I didn’t end up eating a baked potato as well but next time I’m there for dinner, I’ll be eating a baked potato. It is one of my favorite foods.

Z's Steak & Chop Haus soup bar

My husband got the Ribeye steak. He is pretty particular about his steaks and as I knew we’d be writing about our food, I was a little worried that he would not like it. He loved it though. He loved the flavor and Z’s Steak did a fantastic job with getting his meat medium rare, just like he asked.

Z's Steak & Chop Haus Ribeye Steak

Even though our meal would have been sufficient with just the main dishes, we also ordered a starter and 2 desserts. For our starter, we tried the calamari frit. The word “frit” is French for “fried.” I thought it tasted good and the calamari was not overcooked.

Z's Steak & Chop Haus calamari

Z's Steak & Chop Haus Ice Cream

For dessert we enjoyed a scoop of ice cream and their vanilla creme brulee with fresh berries. The creme brulee was absolutely delicious.

Z's Steak & Chop Haus Creme Brulee

We arrived on a Thursday evening around 6:30 pm. The restaurant only had a handful of people. Our waitress was helpful and the food was cooked to order. The environment was relaxed which meant it was a great little getaway from our kids. However, if you do have kids that you want to take to Z’s Steak & Chop Haus, they have kids menus and pricing and we did see a few children at the restaurant.

If you are looking to visit Z’s Steak & Chop Haus, you can make a reservation here.