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NutriGold, based out of Utah Valley, provides vitamins and minerals. Here are some of the great things about NutriGold:

  • whole food nutrients
  • certified organic ingredients
  • free of allergens
  • free of stearates
  • free of GMOs

NutriGold boasts of being the only true whole-food + cultured line of multivitamin and multimineral supplements currently available. They vitamins and minerals deliver the full-spectrum of all essential nutrients in a gentle, nourishing and wholesome formulation. They are a synergistic complex of nutrients sourced from organic fruits and vegetables and nutrients cultured in a body-ready active nutrient mix.

I used to believe that taking minerals or vitamins was only necessary if pregnant or sick. However, after taking a women’s multivitamin for over a year with no actual reason to, I strongly believe in making sure your body has the nutrients it needs. Not that this is the case for everyone, but my body was able to stay healthier and I was rarely sick.

Where to find NutriGold:

NutriGold products can be found locally in Utah:

  • Good Earth Natural Foods
  • Shirlyn’s
  • Dixie Nutrition

They can also be found online.



 NutriGold Products

The three products that will be given away on Utah Valley Moms are prenatal Multi Gold, Women’s Multi Gold, and Fenugreek Gold. Each of these three are great for women! Prenatals are taken while a woman is pregnant and even before getting pregnant. They contain essentials needed to help the baby grow. The women’s is used as an everyday vitamin. Take it daily to help get your body the vitamins and minerals it needs. Fenugreek has many health benefits including benefits for women and menopause. Studies, however, have also found that Fenugreek can help with lowering cholesterol.

NutriGold Giveaway

Enter to win three great NutriGold products on the widget below. Each winner will receive all three products: Prenatal, Women’s, and Fenugreek! All of these are great for women, especially moms. There will be 3 winners!


This giveaway will end on April 27. Winners will be notified by email.


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