I had the great opportunity to go visit the Central Park Pet Retreat in Salt Lake City, located at 55 Miller Avenue.  It has a great location, located just off of 3300 South’s I-15 on and off ramp.  If you’re from Utah Valley like I am, it’s in a great place to stop by on the way to Salt Lake, on the way to the airport, or on the way to a Northern vacation!

My family recently adopted a dog from the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter and one of my concerns is leaving our Millie at the house when we go up to Salt Lake all day or when we eventually go on vacation.  I have seen how boarding works at some veterinarian offices and a couple of other boarding locations but have never been satisfied. And I can honestly say, Central Park Pet Retreat is unlike any place I have seen.

Our little Millie.

My favorite part about Central Park Pet Retreat is that the animals are allowed a lot of socialization time, as well as a lot of play time outside of their sleeping quarters.  When I went to visit, the small dogs were in their room playing on the benches and barking at us while the larger dogs were all outside playing on the grass with each other.  And this isn’t abnormal!  Play time is what your animal gets every single day!

While I was waiting in the waiting area at Central Park Pet Retreat, a man and woman came in with their little dog.  They were headed off on vacation and were worried about their little dog.  Jackie, the owner and receptionist at the time, let the couple have all the time they wanted and needed to spend with their dog before they left, as well as kindly and patiently answered all of their questions.  I was most impressed though that Jackie informed them that they could call Central Park Pet Retreat at any time to see how their dog was doing and they would even send pictures of their little one!

I like that Central Park Pet Retreat takes care of your animals just like you would take care of them.  In fact, they treat your animals like they would children.  The part that reminded me most of them treating animals like children is that the pets get to wander around and interact with other people and animals (assuming that they do well with other animals) and only go to their kennels or little suites when it’s eating and sleeping time (including nap/quiet time in the afternoon).  This means that your animal gets the food that you took for them and gets plenty of time to rest without being over exhausted.  Central Park Pet Retreat also makes sure your dog stays in its kennel or suite for about an hour after eating to make sure their stomach and body is digesting well and then lets the dogs out to play again.  Over exertion right after eating can cause a twisted stomach in dogs and as you can probably guess, is really bad for them.

Although the backyard/playground area is still being worked on (and should be done in the next couple of weeks), we got to view the plans for the outdoor areas and it looks amazing.  It will be complete with grass and a splash pad!  A splash pad!  I am so excited to be able to take my dog there for day care as well as boarding while we’re on vacation and know that my dog will not only get plenty of socialization while I’m gone, but she’ll also get to play in the water!  For now, there is a large fenced-in grass area for the dogs to enjoy which is plenty for the dogs.

Photo from Facebook.

The inside of the building is large.  My favorite parts of the inside of the building are the murals.  Jackie hired a tag artist to do the painting inside and it looks incredible!  I imagined white walls and how dull and boring it would look and it probably would be hard to want to leave my dog there but with so much color on the walls … it just looks so fun!  The main indoor area is “Central Park.”  It has a television (to help the animals feel at home) and lots of play room.

Photo from Facebook

Daycare:  Central Park Pet Retreat offers daycare Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm.  As of right now for daycare, you may drop off your dog or cat any time between 7-7 and can pick them up, no appointment necessary.  Which means that those random mornings I wake up and decide to pack up the family and spend the day up in Salt Lake, I can drop off Millie (our dog) at Central Park Pet Retreat and pick her up later in the day so she can enjoy her day while we’re enjoying ours.

Boarding:  Central Park Pet Retreat also offers boarding for your dog or cat.  There are lots of decent places to take your animals while you’re on vacation (or having surgery or wherever else you may be going) but I would strongly suggest looking into Central Park Pet Retreat.  Your animal will not be cooped up most of the day in a kennel being bored and depressed with the sounds of other dogs constantly barking.  Instead, your animal will have plenty of time with lots of space to roam, just as if he or she was at home and for a very good price!

Discount Special:  I found on their website that for first time customers, buy one day of daycare or boarding and get one free!

Find more photos of Central Park Pet Retreat on their website.  Central Park Pet Retreat also offers dog walking and washing!

Utah Valley Moms was offered services from Central Park Pet Retreat in exchange for this post, however, all opinions are our own.


  1. We take Tanner, our 9 yr old labradoodle, at least once a week for day care. He is always anxious to get out of the car and get in to see the other dogs. When we pick him up he is always smells clean which is something that hasn’t been the case in other facilities that we have tried. The staff is friendly, helpful. I can’t say enough good things about this facility.

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