Utah Valley Moms was given these products in exchange for a review. All opinions are ours.

Ideal Shape is a local (Lindon) company that is helping curb hunger and helping people get to their ideal shape.  I tried the shake and the health bars.

If you’ve been following some of our blogs (or know me), you might know and remember that I started getting sick last September and was sick for over three months.  I just kept getting hit with all of the sicknesses going around.  And at some point I seemed to have fractured a rib and then about a week after getting over that, I injured my back.  Least to say, it was miserable.  Plus I have always been one for exercise so the fact that I was basically unable to exercise much for months was completely depressing.

I gained about 15 pounds (which is a lot when you’re supposed to be as small as I am, a 5’0 little Asian lady) and found myself constantly eating over about a six-month time span.  I would eat my six smaller meals but then I would also eat between those meals and I would definitely make myself another small dinner after the kids went to bed.  See?  I was out of control.

I finally decided this all had to stop so I started waking up really early again to get work done plus exercising done before the kids got out of bed.  But the hardest part of all was the addiction to food.  After eating unhealthy for a few months, my body constantly craved the extra calories and if wasn’t the calories, it was simply the act of eating.  I wanted something to be going into my belly and the easiest thing to get in there was usually high fat, high calorie foods.

One thing that I have enjoyed about the Ideal Shape products is that they replace all of the extra eating with something a bit healthier and a lot more filling.  When I got the Ideal Shape bars, I started eating about 1/4 to 1/2 of a bar each night instead of my bowls of ice cream, Cheetos, and any other fattening foods I could get my hands on.  These bars aren’t just like yummy Granola Bars.  The Ideal Shape bars are packed with nutrients and do an excellent job of curbing my hunger so that after a few bites of the bars, I feel satisfied.  My brain still tells me that I’m missing out on that bowl of ice cream but my body tells me that I don’t need it.

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The meal replacement shakes are effective as well, however, I don’t like the taste of it as much as I like the bars.  It blocks hunger for at least three hours, is gluten free, and contains good nutrients as well.

Here are some tips when using Ideal Shape products:

-We suggest drinking a full glass of water after each shake. This helps to activate the hunger blocker.
-Any time you cut back your calorie intake it will take a couple of days for your body to adjust. (Complaints of still feeling hungry) Also, making it into a smoothie gives it a little more substance, which some people may need.
-Be sure they are eating 5 times a day. We suggest 3 healthy snacks. The Ideal bar works great for this.
-Some bodies are not use to the amount of fiber and may need to start out with ½ a scoop for a week then move up to a full scoop
-Add liquid first then shake mix into shaker bottle for best results.
-Ideal bars are a nutritious snack for any age.

While I cannot condone the use of the Ideal Shape products all the time, nor can I condone the use of them as a meal replacement, I can tell you that they work and that if you’re an overeater or snack addict like I was, these may be a good way for you to help curb your hunger and get your meal-eating back on the right track.

To learn more about Ideal Shape’s products, visit their website.

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