Back in January we were so excited about starting our new lives with cloth diapers and Kawaii brand.  I was loving my Kawaii diapers and they never leaked.  But then all of the sudden a couple weeks later, they were leaking like crazy.  And I was so disappointed so I turned to bumGenius diapers for some help because I’ve never had problems with them.

I ordered more bumGenius diapers and read a paper that came with them that talked about cleaning them and it talked about stripping the diapers.  Stripping the diapers!  I don’t know why I didn’t think about that sooner!

Stripping diapers is done to get the diapers back to their original absorbent state.  They were already clean so I put them through the washer six times on hot water.  I never used any detergent (not recommended) but some use vinegar.  Then I dried the diapers and now the diapers work amazingly.  There are no leaks!

So this is something to keep in mind – strip your diapers every month or two to keep buildup away!


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