Update:  No more leaks

I have had my Kawaii Diapers for quite a while now and I had no problems with them the first 2 weeks that I had them. Then suddenly, I started having leaks all the time! But not just with those diapers but with other ones as well. And today, I think I finally figured out the problem.

My little 7-month old has very chubby, yet skinny legs and a very small waist. In general she is pretty small (about 14 pounds). I realized today that we simply are not putting them on tight enough. We have become so relaxed with cloth diapering that we are not as careful as we once were.

I love the snaps on diapers because they allow for so many different sizes and settings which is great. So for now, we have the diapers on her as tight as they will go and it’s working great. We also make sure that they are pulled up as high as it will go so that pooling won’t happen at the bottom of her diaper. Adding an extra pad in there too can also help with leaks.

In general, I still love my Kawaii Diapers. They fit her great (now) and they are so adjustable. We also have Tiny Tots, Fuzzibunz, and BumGenius 3.0 diapers. They are all great but Kawaiis are a great price and work just as well as all the other ones.

*This is a non-paid review.