Are there any stores in Utah County that sell cloth diapers? So far my answer is no. I spent some time going through forums looking for one store I could go to so I can buy some high-quality pre-folds but so far I haven’t found any. Maybe I just need to go look in some stores but I would think places like Babies ‘R Us or some smaller local stores would sell some that I could just walk into and buy them. I read somewhere that Target may have some all-in-ones, but when I was there yesterday, I didn’t see any. I’m a little disappointed, Utah County.

If you know of any places, please share the love!

By the way, I am two hours into my first cloth diapering experiences and the babe has already gone through three diapers. I hope she slows down a bit! But maybe I’ll just be a pro by the end of the day!