We did a little Family Night last night because today my husband only works a half day!  Sounds exciting, but it’s not.

See, we recently moved into this home that has the most hideous lava rock wall that you have ever seen.  I should have taken a picture of it, but I didn’t, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.  It was ugly.  So Mike invited his friend, Brandon, over on Saturday and they went to work on the wall.  There was hammering and smashing for almost four hours straight.  I thought for sure they would be done on Saturday but unfortunately, there is still about 1/4 of the wall left to finish up.

It looks like it was bad lighting but really it was all the dust that makes this picture look so cloudy and grainy.

So my husband leaves work early today to finish the wall and we’ll be working on the house the rest of the day, hence family night last night.

It was a beautiful day yesterday so we decided the canyon would be the perfect place to go.  Now that we live so close to the mouth of the canyon, the drive up there was no big deal at all.  We arrived at the parking for Bridal Veil and other parks within minutes and were lucky enough to get a close parking space.  It seemed as though everyone was up there!

Bridal Veil Falls is located up Provo Canyon and is a beautiful waterfall with a short, easy hike to reach the falls.  We stayed at the base of the falls where there was a little pond/pool where lots of kids and dogs were splish splashing, cooling off from the warm weather.  Some even took the little light kids’ balls (the ones you can get at stores for a dollar or two) to play with in the water.

One of the times I went there with friends, we hiked up to about the middle of the falls (the path is to the left of the falls), crossed the water, and continued on a little trail heading west of the falls.  It was very unsafe and I would not recommend going on the path but being up higher is a lot of fun and I would recommend it.

But if you’re taking kids, or planning to go in the water yourself, I would suggest taking a change of dry clothes and shoes.  I’ve yet to fall into the water but we watched plenty of people slip on a rock and soak their feet, some fall in completely, and well, as you probably know, kids have a really hard time not jumping into water, especially on a hot day!