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Last week we had the opportunity to go to La Nay Ferme Farm and get a share of vegetables. My family agreed, those vegetables were so delicious and perfect for every dinner we ate with them. It’s always nice to have fresh food for meal times but when they are picked the same day you’re eating them, well, there’s really just nothing like it.

La Nay Ferme is a Provo garden that provides vegetable shares to the community.

La Nay Ferme is not cheap food. La Nay Ferme is high quality, highly nutritious and safe to eat produce. It is a one-of-a-kind farm that promises their CSA members same day harvested farm vegetables. Our share was so fresh and absolutely delicious.

La Nay Ferme doesn’t poison their CSA members. They do not use sprays to kill anything so plan on finding bugs from time to time. This is proof that the produce is clean from sprays, safe to eat and integrity food which is the new “organic.”

La Nay Ferme posts what CSA members receive in shares on their blog Saturday.

La Nay Ferme does not grow fruits for sale.

To purchase directly from our farm, everyone prepays and can find the best option for their family at this link.

You can buy directly from La Na Ferme’s greens from Real Foods Market in Orem, Days Market in Provo and Heber, Liberty Fresh Heights in Sugar House or order from Winder Farms. You can also buy directly from their farm.

To find the farm (4800 E. Lawn Drive, Provo), take the street Lawn Drive headed North and follow it until you reach the cemetery. The farm is on the north side and pictured below. Walk into the storage building and to your right will be the coolers with your bags of food. Find the correct one and you can be on your way!