Authentic Italian food
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Recently my family had the opportunity to visit Terra Mia Pizzeria in Orem (1050 S. 750 E.). We tried a variety of pastas, a pizza, and a couple of desserts.

After emigrating from Italy in 1996, Ernesto Lo Russo started several successful business in Utah. None of them however fulfilled his desire to share his culture and traditional Neapolitan style cooking. Then, in June of 2009, Ernesto dedicated a handful of cherished family recipes and his bold Italian attitude into the opening of a little restaurant in Orem. Whether it’s through pizza, pasta or dessert, Terra Mia proudly shares its love for Italian food and bringing people together in the best way we know how: by serving delicious and fully authentic Neapolitan dishes.

Back in 2009, I had the opportunity to travel to Italy. We visited a few cities and saw all the sites we could while there for a week. However, my favorite part of the trip was the food. I could have eaten their pizza, pasta, and gelato for the rest of my life and never complained. Coming back from their food was quite an adjustment. I missed the pizza and how they would weigh it to determine its price. It wasn’t drenched in cheese and the flavor was amazing no matter which little shop we stopped at. The pasta was always filled with flavor and the right amount of sauce for the pasta and my bread.k The gelato … is nothing like ice cream. It’s creamy, thick, and amazing. Coming back to Utah meant that chain restaurants who call themselves “Italian food” was about as good as it got. Frozen food sections carried gelato but it was never right, probably because it’s frozen.

Last week when we tried Terra Mia, all of those good Italian food feelings came back and I’ve been craving it ever since. Here is what we tried (note: the pasta in photos are half orders):

Quattro Formaggi
4 Formaggi Pizza
Pesto in Orem
Penne with Creamy Pesto
Penne with Marinara Sauce
Ravioli Boccaccia
Ravioli Boccaccia
Chicken Alfredo
Penne Alfredo with Chicken

Terra Mia restaurant

Panna Cotta in Utah
Panna Cotta

Desserts at Terra Mia

Desserts at Terra Mia

Gelato - flavors change regularly
Gelato – flavors change regularly

I was impressed that even with the pizza, they cooked it according to our family. We could have had it crispy but with children, they usually make it a little softer which was perfect for my family. I loved that they had suggestions according to what we like to eat and our tastes.

My favorite was the Ravioli Boccaccia and I loved the Stracciatella gelato. My family loved all the pastas and I accidentally ate almost the entire pizza by myself.

If you’re looking for typical “Utah Italian” food, then this will not do. However, if you want to taste a bit of Italy, food with some real love put into it, this is the place.

Terra Mia is located in the University Mall area across from the Cinemark. By 2017, a new Terra Mia will be located in Draper, Utah.

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