Thrift store Halloween costumes
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I am not that creative of a person. I really like to go to a store and buy entire displays or whatever the nice worker lady/man tells me goes together. When it comes to Halloween, it’s one holiday where I know that I’m going to have to depend on the creativity of others. I used to feel bad for my kids, that they wouldn’t have some extremely awesome, unique, and totally adorable costume that is Pinterest-worthy.

Here in Utah Valley, we have an array of thrift stores. For my Halloween needs, I chose to visit Deseret Industries (DI). Each time you shop at DI, you are helping fund job training. The employees at DI come from a various array of backgrounds and DI is providing one-on-one job coaching and helping develop a career plan.

Thrift store Halloween costumes
There are a lot of costumes to choose from, as well as other Halloween decorations and accessories.

The DI is one store I remember from my youth. We’d go quite often to sift through the various things in the store. Each day, new items are donated to Deseret Industries. If you want to make a donation, pack everything into your car, pull on the side of DI where donations are accepted, and an associate will help you unload your car, you never even have to get out! You can obtain a tax deductible slip for your donation from them and that’s it! Because almost everything in the store is donated, you never know what you will find. It’s better than a yard sale because you can go any day of the week (except Sunday) to find some great finds at really low prices.

Thrift store Halloween costumes
This costume cost $22 for everything pictured. The vest was the costume item I found and was only $3.

About a week ago, I went over to my local Deseret Industries and to my surprise, there were a few racks with Halloween costumes! My only regret so far has been not being able to find time to go back to see what other costumes they have because I was shocked by their prices. I have been looking at Halloween costumes that are ranging in the $16-50 range which in my opinion, is outrageous! However, these costumes ranged from $1-10. Even some of the adult costumes were hovering in the $5 which is completely affordable. Each costume was unique and once I found a couple of items for costumes, I was able to go around the store to find items to go with the Halloween costumes. One costume I bought for myself isn’t shown but it’s a gorgeous kimono. I’m Asian and don’t own one so it just made sense to buy it. I also put together a cowgirl costume and another little Asian costume for the kids.

Thrift store Halloween costumes
This costume was $13. The top was found with costumes and was $5.

Deseret Industries also has many other things other than costumes. They have designer clothes, shoes, furniture, kitchenware, toys, and more! You can revamp your entire house at great prices.

In Utah Valley, there are 3 Deseret Industries:

  • Provo – 1415 N. State Street, Provo
  • American Fork – 435 S. 500 E., American Fork
  • Springville – 655 S. 1750 W., Springville (opens October 27, 2016)

Have you been to a Deseret Industries before?