Doll House Haunt

A short while ago, in the small town of Frisco, a widowed toy maker built a large dollhouse for his two young daughters, hoping it might assuage the girls’ grief of losing their mother. When the girls got sick, he filled it with more toys, and when they died, he filled it with even more in their memory. When strange things began happening in the house, the distraught father believed it was his daughters’ lingering spirits, and stayed behind to fill it with even more dolls, earning him the name “The Doll Keeper” from the other villagers. But as it turned out, the spirits weren’t those of his daughters—and soon enough, the toy maker became the toy for something sinister.

At the Doll House Haunt, visitors can enter the haunted dollhouse to witness the terrible spirits—and confront the Doll Keeper—for themselves. If you’d like to tour the dollhouse and explore its mysteries in peace, visit from noon to 4 p.m., when the spirits take a break.

Looking for spooky but not-too-scary family fun?

Come on out every Saturday in October from noon to 4:00 pm, featuring:

  • A scavenger hunt tour – while the monsters in the haunted house are asleep, kids can go on a spooky tour of their home and look for items on a list to win a prize!
  • Bouncy house
  • Face painting
  • Games and more!


  • Scare Hours: $12/person
  • Non-Scare Hours: $7/person
    Children 2 years or younger are free

Doll House Haunt is located at 3604 East Pony Express Pkwy, Eagle Mountain

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