I’ve already talked a little bit about buying locally-grown produce and buying organic foods but I’d like to say more because everyday, I am becoming more and more of an advocate.

Utah’s Own is a program that encourages Utahns to buy local products.  Why local?  Here are their reasons:

  1. You contribute to a healthier local economy – you become a part of the solution to our economic challenges.
  2. Your money stays at home when you spend it on Utah’s Own products at retail stores, supermarkets, in restaurants and institutions. This money “sticks,” multiplying its value to our local economy helping to reduce taxes.
  3. You sustain employment for your friends and neighbors.
  4. You enhance our tax base.
  5. You get the best possible flavor, texture and quality on fresh products produced locally.
  6. You help maintain a safer food supply while helping to make nutritious food available to all Utahns in need.
  7. You preserve open spaces.
  8. You enhance water quality.
  9. You promote cleaner air.
  10. You preserve our Utah farm heritage, including heirloom products that have been preserved for generations.
  11. You provide better access to healthy foods, including organic foods.
  12. You sustain our Utah rural lifestyle while enhancing food security for your family.

My main reasons for buying local is to help out friends and neighbors.  These aren’t necessarily all people I know, but the fact that they live in the same state is good enough – they’re neighbors if you ask me.  Besides that, I know plenty of people who are trying to sustain their families or just themselves on making products and selling them and I want the best for them.  I want people to buy their products.  I want my “neighbors” to be able to make a living doing what they are working hard at.

I also like local foods because they really do have a unique flavor.  My 12-month old has eaten nearly half of a cantaloupe in one sitting because the flavor is just so sweet.  I have yet to be disappointed in produce that I have bought at a Farmer’s Market or the local produce from Harmon’s and other stores.  They taste better, they look better, and they are better!

As I have already mentioned, Utah’s Own is hosting the Ultimate Recipe Roundup Contest.  There have already been two rounds of winners:  some in Cottonwood Heights and some in Kaysville.  Make sure to look at each one for their awesome recipes!

This week they will be in Lehi and will be continuing to travel around Salt Lake  and Davis County until September 10.

For more information, look at Utah Own’s website.  They have a lot of good information and their blog is great too with recipes and updates.