Star Lash Studio lash extensions

Star Lash Studio is a premier beauty salon. Each and every technician is trained and certified in using products that are of high-quality.

I recently went to Jenny of Star Lash Studio to get my lashes done. Not only was she extremely friendly, she did a great job of my lashes. A typical appointment for the first set of lashes is 1 1/2 to 2 hours but because of time restraints, she finished in about an hour and 10 minutes and they still look fantastic!

Star Lash Studio lash extensions

When I first arrived to the Shops at South Town, I entered in Macy’s and the Star Lash Studio is just outside of Macy’s inside the mall on the west side. Once there, I filled out some paperwork, Jenny had my lay down on the bed, and she showed me options of lengths. I went with the 12 mm (because Jenny suggested them) and she began applying them.

At some point during the appointment, I started falling asleep. It was so nice to actually take time for myself because I am always so focused on taking care of the kids and running them around to practices, games, lessons, and friends’ homes.

Each lash extension is placed on individually so it is a long process but it looks amazing in the end.

I have had the lashes for about one week and have been surprised at how many people have commented on them. It has been nice to have long lashes all day long. It has made makeup application faster and when I get up and don’t do makeup before leaving the house, I don’t have to worry because my eyelashes already look great.

Star Lash Studio lash extensions

They have been low maintenance. I didn’t get them wet for the first 36-48 hours and have used oil-free cleaner for my face. One thing I did find out, however, is that while I am sleeping, I apparently pick at around my eyes to rid my eyes of any discharge coming out of them while I sleep which is bad because I tend to rub my eyes which will take off the extensions. After about a week though, I think I am doing it considerably less in my sleep.

If you are interested in getting your lashes done by Jenny, visit Star Lash Studio to learn more about the location and to schedule an appointment.