As part of running the Sheepdog Classic giveaways on our blog, we were also able to attend the Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic Championship. It was held at Soldier Hollow this year over Labor Day weekend.




Obviously the best part was the sheepdog championship part. My family and I held her breath as we watch the dogs carefully maneuver the sheep through gates and around trees. It was devastating when a sheep would go the wrong way or at the end when the sheep need to be split into two groups, when one sheep would run away into the wrong group. I took my two little kids and they absolutely loved it.

The other part of the Soldier Hollow classic that we watched a lot of was the splash dogs. The splash dogs had the opportunity to run and jump into a pool of water, trying to gain the most distance. The funniest part about that one was when a dog would run really fast and just before they would jump off the platform, they would get scared and end up not jumping into the water all. We were very impressed with some of the larger dogs who were able to gain so much distance.

There were constantly other activities going on that the kids and I could participate in and there were a lot of great food vendors.

If you are looking for a great activity next year, make sure to put this on the list of places to visit.

Also, just a huge shout out to the Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic Championship for putting on a great Labor Day weekend up near Midway.