A Day in the Life of a Mom (DLM) is going to be my new Friday posts.  A lot happens to us each week and I’d love to reflect on them for you.

Over three years ago, my husband, then boyfriend of three months, sold his car and we began sharing my car.  I thought it was a bit risky since his work was about a 45-60 minute walk from where we lived but lucky for him, we ended up getting married a year later and he never had to worry about getting another car.  Now that I am a stay-at-home mom and he works 15-20 minutes away by car, he takes the car everyday so I have to find ways to entertain my daughter and I without a car.

Recently we moved to a new location and I’ve found that the stroller has become our best friend and our enemy is the weather.  We live near a local grocery store now and including waiting for a traffic light to cross a major street, it only takes a maximum of 5 minutes to walk there!  So we grab the stroller and head over there when we need foods for our lunch or dinner.  We have also been to local parks and schools/playgrounds.

Yesterday we spent the day at another residence while loud hammering was being done in the remodeling of the basement and once again, the stroller saved us!  The local grocery store was just a couple of minutes away, as well as a lot of fast food restaurants.

Today, with the wonderful weather, I had great plans to see how far we could make it to the city library by walking without getting tired but unfortunately, my husband took the stroller with him in the car.

And today was the first day I have realized how important the stroller is to us in our lives.  It gets us to places we need to go and it gives us a good pass time everyday to get us out of the house.  We also get a lot of good exercise and vitamin D from all the walks we get to take.

(This week we will be cutting our 10-month old’s hair – possibly 1-2 inches!  Check back next week to see how many tears were shed … by me.)