I had the great opportunity to experience Karve Studio in Lindon.  Karve is based on ballet so it incorporates a lot of strength that ballet dancers need.  As I am used to having my feet firmly planted on the ground while I do strength workouts, these classes are unique because you spend a lot of time on your toes.

There are a variety of times for classes as well as daycare at selected times so that you can workout in the day without worrying about where to take your children.  Classes are also very varied.  I had different instructors throughout the week which meant that classes were never the same and I was constantly learning new moves and working on my ability to challenge myself.  Although classes are varied, every class works on the same muscles and works on the whole body which gives a lot of room for improvement, even in the short two weeks that I attended Karve classes.

I thought it might be fun to keep a little journal of my experience as I went through classes.  Classes are almost all an hour long so I had a lot of time to think during them.  But I’ll keep them brief for your reading pleasure.

Day 1:  Preface – I  started being sick the day before.  Exhausted.  Mucousy.  Sinus pressure.  You know the drill.  After only 3 hours of sleeping that evening, I woke up in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep until 8 am.  Unfortunately for me, I had signed up for a class at Karve at 10 am.  So I rolled myself out of bed right before the class, changed the kids, and hustled us over to Karve. Apparently there were some issues with the computer and a lack of staff due to Spring Break so it was a bit crazy when I arrived.  No one had seemed to notice I was there so I was just about to walk out the door when Jamie, an instructor, got me all signed in.  At the same time, the lady who was there for the childcare approached my children (in a non-scary way) and took them off to the play room.

I got my butt kicked that day.  I was huffing and puffing, shaking, and all sorts of sore during and after the workout.  As I walked up and down the stairs the rest of the day, it was a good reminder as to why I like to stay in shape … so I don’t feel like crying when I do something simple like take the stairs after a hard workout.

Day 2:  Still sick, 7:30 am class, but I made it.  Somewhat sore but a good stretch at the end made it better.  Amber was the instructor and helped me a couple of times make sure that I was doing the right posture.  I definitely don’t want to hurt my body again so I appreciate it!

Day 3:  The hardest part about classes like these is that it takes the ability to do more than one thing at a time.  I may have played tennis for the past 22 years, but that doesn’t mean I’m coordinated.  Hitting a small ball with a racquet is easy compared to making sure that I’m on my toes, leaning forward, knees bent, arms behind me, palms faced towards each other, and lifting them up without bending my elbows.  If I get corrected at Karve, it’s because I lack coordination.  The workout, however, felt great but as I’m still sick, I think a long bath and a movie are in order.  Lindsey was great and I must be getting the hang of it because she didn’t have to correct almost all of my positions like Jamie needed to the first day!

Day 4:  Brooke was the instructor today and I could tell she was ready to really work us today.  However, I didn’t sleep well and felt the most sick today than I have all week so after scaring her from sneaking up on her (unintentionally), I left and went back to bed at home.  And then two minutes later I was back up to take care of the kids.  What was it like to be sick without kids?  I don’t even remember!

Day 5:  Today was awesome. Having to go up on “stiletto” heels was just less than torture but it felt good. I got home and had my husband take a picture of me and I look awesome compared to a week ago. I no longer look 5 months pregnant and my muffin top is being defined instead of enlarged. My body just looks tighter compared to last week and my appetite is good. I’m not as inclined to eat treats and complex carbohydrates and instead crave fruits and vegetables. Karve hasn’t changed my appetite but it’s helping me take care of my body and my body is thanking me.

Day 6:  My coordination skills are definitely lacking.  There was a huge class today and as I stood in the back and watched all the other ladies easily do each move, it was slightly funny how awkward I am.  Fortunately, everyone works at their own pace so I am able to take it a bit slower and still get a  great workout.  This is by far the best way to start my Saturday!

Day 7:  As yesterday was Sunday and there was no class, my body feels well rested and was ready to get working with Jamie as the instructor again.  She is great at making sure that everyone is working but making sure that they’re comfortable at the same time.  I can tell my body is changing already and I feel great!  This workout is different than anything else I’m used to but it’s toning my body and helping get rid of some of that visceral fat … love it!

Day 8:  Amber was the instructor again this morning and I am shocked that this is my 8th day and there are still new positions and exercises that I haven’t done yet.  I enjoy the diversity yet the workout level is always the same because there are always the starting positions and then you can continue to challenge yourself as the instructor moves through them.  However, if you aren’t ready for them, you can always go back to the starting position.  So if I want to work at the beginner level for days, I can.  If I want to do all of the challenges each day and get one of the toughest workouts, I can choose to do that as well.

Day 9:  Rachelle taught this morning and as always, my body feels fantastic.  My kids have been doing the childcare every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and it’s so nice to be able to workout at 10 am without worrying about finding a sitter or hoping my husband can watch the kids.  I know where they are, I can occasionally hear them being loud, and I know they’re having fun.  My daughter didn’t want to leave today but I guess my son had enough friends and was ready to get going.

Day 10:  Brooke taught today and it was another tough day for me.  I haven’t slept very much or very well because of Utah Valley Mom’s upcoming event but even though I wanted to be in bed, I’m glad I made it through the session.  I know I already mentioned it, but I love that everyday is different.  My body feels so good and is becoming so toned!

Day 11:  My last day here at Karve for UVM and Jessica was the instructor again.  I guess we were all pretty quiet and didn’t show emotions because she threatened to work us harder but we all let her know that no, we were definitely not needing any more.  We were shaking and fatiguing our muscles.  At times though, she would keep us going on a set of muscles and a couple of us glared at her.  But she let us know that she welcomed the glares because that meant she was doing her job.  Thank goodness for her doing her job.  My body feels awesome but I was pretty exhausted after today’s workout.

Want to try some Karve classes?  Call Karve or visit their website to today to sign up for classes!

Utah Valley Moms was provided classes to Karve Studio in Lindon, however, all opinions are our own.