UVM was given “Inspired Guns” for a review post, however, all opinions are our own.

“INSPIRED GUNS” is a light hearted comedy of mistaken identity involving LDS missionaries, the mafia and the FBI. It is a look at the importance of being humble and having faith in others when things get tough.

Elder Fisher and his companion stumble upon two idiotic brothers in the mafia (Roger and Larry) waiting for messengers from “the Boss” to give them instructions on the next hit.

Believing the missionaries are the Boss’s messengers Roger and Larry begin taking the discussions trying to find the hidden message in the Book of Mormon. Meanwhile, the FBI is getting close to bringing down this mafia family and is hot on their heels for hard evidence against them.

The mafia family realizes that Roger and Larry are meeting with the Elders and mistaking the Elders for FBI agents, they decide to eliminate the missionaries and the brothers.

Right before the mafia hitman executes Elder Fisher, someone unexpected steps in and single handedly takes out the hitman and his henchmen. The FBI secures the scene and Elder Fisher is saved.

“INSPIRED GUNS” is a comedy that explores what would happen if missionaries started teaching the Gospel to members of the mafia and how that might look to an unknowing FBI. It is a comic quest to show how one man by being humble enough to accept help from unlikely sources will be rewarded in the end.

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