Utah Valley Moms was invited to a blogger event and received gifts. All opinions are our own.

A few other local bloggers and I attended a blogger breakfast where we played games, ate some food, and danced … all in our new The Cat’s Pajamas jammy jams (that’s what we sometimes call pajamas at our house). The Cat’s Pajamas is a company who obviously makes pajamas, but these are no ordinary pajamas. No. These pajamas are all made in the USA, are comfy cozy, and have some very unique and fun designs on them.

I believe that all of us bloggers received different pajamas. I had a couple of favorites. Mine, of course. I was sporting some dogs. I also liked a flowery one a fellow blogger was wearing. But honestly, one blogger had sushi pajamas. Um, yeah. Fantastic.

We lounged around in our jammer jams (another term we call our pajamas) and they were so comfortable! On a side note, I only got about 3 hours of sleep the night before this event and so I was exhausted. Putting on these jammy jams was like rolling into my blanket. I could have taken a nap right then and there if I wasn’t so paranoid about other bloggers putting stickers on me … it was just a game we were playing, don’t even worry about it.

We played other games, as well. It reminded me of sleepovers when I was younger. Getting into jammy jams and just playing games with the girls. And laughing. A lot.

The bloggers and I ate some yummy breakfast as well. Thank goodness, too, because all I had was one-third of a banana as I rushed out the door. We enjoyed some common breakfast foods including Honey Bunches of Oats. So yummy!

Then it came time for dancing. As many who know me know, I love dancing like I’m dancing in the mirror and nobody is watching. It’s that crazy and random. But when I heard we were dancing for a camera, something that could make that moment last forever, I was pretty hesitant. I mean, haven’t my friends and family been punished enough by my dancing?! Now we’re going to enter the Honey Bunches of Oats “Smile While You Shake It” contest. This contest is giving out $500 Visa gift cards every week until June 16, 2014 and you can reenter every week! So without further ado, here’s Jessie‘s video (I’m in the first part holding both boxes of cereal):

So, now that you’re wishing you had our sweet dance moves and could wear pajamas like us, here’s the info so you can buy some of your own and enter the contest:
The Cat’s Pajamas
Smile While You Shake It

Discount: Use the code “HONEY” to get 10% off of full-priced sleepwear items purchased at The Cat’s Pajamas. This offer is good through June 2014, just long enough for you to get some and smile while you shake it for the camera!