I was recently at the UCCU Family Fest and a man handed me a flier about Playdate with Salt Lake City.  I was intrigued and am just the type of person who is always curious about what people are offering on fliers (so yes, they do work!) and so I looked up Playdate with Salt Lake City.  The first thing I noticed was that they were covering a lot ground.  They are absolutely right when they say Provo to Ogden and Daybreak to Park City.  This book has obviously taken these two great mothers many, many hours to research all of these places and then put this book together!

Playdate with Salt Lake City is a book with 200 different activities to enjoy with your children.  It has parks, museums, and other fun places to visit.  If you live in Salt Lake, this is definitely a great book for you, however, like I mentioned, they have covered other areas including some activities in Utah County!

The book is separated into 20 different sections and each activity has the hours, admission, and other relevant information you may want to know.  It also has a little “Just Around the Corner” section at the bottom so if you’re already at the activity and want to go to another one, you can quickly know what is nearby!

In the back of the book, there is an Appendix with more resources and other ways to look up your favorite places or to see what else you can do with your kids.

If you’re like me, always looking for a good activity to do with my kid, or like me in that I travel up to Salt Lake all of the time and then am not quite sure where anything is when the kids need to get out and play at a playground, then this book is for you.


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Utah Valley Moms was provided with a book in exchange for a review and to encourage readers to buy the book.  All opinions are our own.