I had the opportunity to visit with Dr. Parker of Parker Orthodontics last week.

Walking into the office, one of the first things I noticed was that it looked professional but it was still very teenager-friendly which is perfect because I’m guessing a large amount of his patients are teenagers getting braces.  It took me back to my days when I had to visit my orthodontist all the time for my braces, except this place seemed to really step it up a notch.

When you first arrive, there is a little open room past the front desk where you can get a brand-new toothbrush and brush your teeth.  While you’re waiting, you can relax and watch a movie or you can play a game in the game room.

I had one of their free consultations (they’re free for everyone their first visit!) and so they took me back to the back area, took x-rays, and then Dr. Parker discussed my concerns and questions with me in the office.

Dr. Parker does not just do braces though.  He has also certified and specializes to bring you the best Invisalign treatment.  He explained that being certified brings him more knowledge which also means that you will get some of the best Invisalign treatment around.

My biggest concern about my teeth is that when I was younger, I had a large overbite.  I have a permanent bottom retainer but have not worn my top one in years.  I asked him what would happen if I had my bottom retainer taken off and never wore another retainer again in my life.  I was actually quite shocked to hear that teeth, just like how noses continually grow, will always be moving and may move back to where they once were.  He’s suggestion for me was since I don’t like my permanent bottom retainer, he could take it out and replace my retainers for essentially clear ones that I would wear at night.  The best part of this?  Getting rid of the permanent retainer and being able to floss better!

If you have any concerns about your teeth or your family member’s teeth, I would suggest calling Dr. Parker’s office and at least going in for a free consultation to see what he can do for you.  He is very friendly and I was impressed that he wasn’t pushy.  There is so more that I’d love to say about Dr. Parker but seriously, just go in and see for yourself.  Or if you’re still not sure, visit his website and read all of the material.  It’s quite comprehensive and informative!

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