If you were waiting for the Alpine Living Nativity (click for registration) ticket registration to open, it is finally time!  You may register for free up to 10 people on one of four nights.  This event is becoming more and more popular so make sure you reserve tickets soon!


    • Mark, I apoligize, I thought I had already responded. Please click the above link or go to silentexposures.com to register. Thanks!

  1. do you have any idea on how to contact the person in charge of this event?? I registered for ten tickets but I can’t find my confirmation page anywhere!! if you could email me and let me know,I would appreciate it 🙂

    Jennifer Shelley
    [email protected]

    • Jennifer, I sent you an email. As for now, they have no way of sending you an email confirmation so they have to go look it up themselves and can hopefully find it for you. I am hoping they fix this problem ASAP!

      For anyone else reading this who has a similar problem, email [email protected] and enjoy it this upcoming weekend!

  2. im interested in bringing some family members from India to see this.. interested in coming Saturday afternoon.

    • Jody, unfortuantely, ticket registration is closed for this year as they have reached their limited capacity. However, if interested, we are giving away a set of 10 tickets away on Facebook that ends tonight, December 2. http://bit.ly/1itbLLa

    • Yes, they sold out pretty fast. Sorry you weren’t able to attend this year! Tickets open in October and we try our best to remind our followers each year so follow us and hopefully you’ll be able to get tickets next year!

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