As we’ve been planning for our upcoming Spring Event and Easter Egg Hunt, I’ve been learning a lot about candy and how many pieces of candy are in bags or how many pieces of a candy per pound I can get.  It’s been a big learning process.  However, the bags of candy that frustrated me most were the bags of candy that I found at Costco:  Kirkland Signature Mini Favorites (5 lbs), Kirkland FunHouse Treats (5.75 lb), and Gummy Treats (3.5 lbs) because they wouldn’t tell me how many pieces were in each bag or even give me a hint as to how many.

So I bought all three bags and counted all of the pieces of candy in each bag so that I would know how many are in each bag and so that I could share with you. I mean, I could have tried to count how many pieces I could visually see through the bag and then multiply that by how many sections or whatever were in each bag to get a guess at how many pieces of candy were in each bag, however, where’s the fun in that?

As I’ve planned the Easter Egg Hunt, it’s been very important to me to get the best candy for the best price. I was surprised to find out that the bags of candy had more pieces than I expected.

Kirkland Signature Mini Favorites, $13.99
The Signature Mini Favorites bag had 245 pieces of candy and it is perfect yummy candy for the egg hunt. It contains:
3 Musketeers
Baby Ruth
Kirkland Signature Peanut Butter Cup
Milky Way Midnight
Milky Way




Kirkland FunHouse Treats, $13.69
The FunHouse Treats bag had 285 pieces of candy. It contains:
LifeSavers Gummies
Jolly Rancher
Laffy Taffy
Chewy Lemonhead
Sour Punch



Kirkland Gummy Treats, $13.69
utah valley momsThe Gummy Treats bag had 140 pieces. It contains:
Swedish Fish
Sour Patch
Mike & Ike
Trolli Crawlers
Planets & Zombies Gummies
Black Forest


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