Little Gym of Orem Discount Code
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Use the code “MOMS10” to get 10% off of your enrollment/tuition at The Little Gym of Orem. This Utah gym offers gymnastics classes, tumbling classes, karate classes, dance classes, sports prep classes, and mommy and me classes.

If you’re looking for a place for kids to learn and be active, check out more about The Little Gym of Orem. It is a facility that allows kids to be kids and still learn skills at the same time.

The Little Gym of Orem offers progressively structured classes and a positive learning environment to create opportunities for your child to try new things and build self-confidence, all with a grin that stretches from ear to ear. Our trained instructors nurture happy, confident kids through a range of classes like parent/child classes and gymnastics,  plus fun extras like parties, camps and more.

Classes start for children at age 4 months and go to age 12 years. Classes vary from gymnastics, dance, and karate. We recently enrolled our 5 year old son into a sports prep class. Tuition includes 1 class a week and 1 practice time a week.

Little Gym of Orem Discount Code

Each class is unique. This sports prep class integrates sports skills in with gymnastics. About 15 minutes of the sport, 15 minutes of games, 15 minutes of gymnastics, 15 minutes of free time/warm up/cool down. Each class will have at max a 1:6 teacher to child ratio.

For these boys, it was good for them to be moving around the whole time. My son has have been good at golf and we rarely practice so this was a fun class.

Little Gym of Orem Discount Code

What to expect for your first class:

  • Arrive a few minutes early to get your child adjusted. Apparently you are not to arrive more than 10 minutes before your class but the child can play at the Lego table and get ready for class by leaving their shoes in a cubby.
  • Parents/guardians need to fill out a short form for registration.
  • Parents/guardians can watch from outside of the gym/play area. There are chairs provided.

The Little Gym of Orem Discount Code

Registration with the code “MOMS10” can be used for 10% off enrollment and tuition. If you pay monthly, you will get 10% off of each month’s tuition. This code is only valid in-store. You may register online but will need to tell/show the front desk at your first class the coupon for the discount.

Sign up now to enroll at The Little Gym of Orem.

Little Gym of Orem Discount Code
Present this coupon for gymnastics, mommy & me, karate, and other classes at The Little Gym of Orem


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