I had the opportunity to go see “Wayward” last night at the LDS Film Festival at the SCERA.  After meeting Rob Diamond and an actor in the film, I was excited to see what the movie was like.

In general, the film follows the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son.  In this film, a boy receives all of his inheritance from his father and loses it all.  Meanwhile, unknown to the boy, his father is dying.  This is a story of love, sacrifice, and sin.  And it is absolutely beautiful.

“Wayward” is a family-friendly movie (I would take my family to see this, although younger children may not find it interesting) and has a great message.  It is touching and takes you on a roller coaster of emotions.  For me, the story was so real and hit home in so many ways – I could just relate to it really well.

Everyone will take away something different from this movie but what it reminded me of is that no matter what my children do, I know I will love them. The love for a child is unique and infinite.  Also, forgiving the sinner is important and forgiving yourself is even more important.

I applaud Rob Diamond and his wonderful cast and crew. They did an excellent job of telling an amazing story and portraying so much emotion!