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EEME makes hands-on project kits paired with an online video curricula to teach 7-12 year old kids electronics. The goal is to nurture the curiosity & critical thinking kids need for the science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) opportunities of tomorrow.

I tried the first of five project kits and it was fantastic. After receiving the box, I signed up, it sent me an email, I clicked the link, and I was in my first lesson! It walked me through each step and helped me understand what was going on.

Jack is the owner of EEME. He began this huge project because after becoming a new dad, he wanted to instill education at a deeper level than the other toys that he was seeing on the market. He wants kids to ask “why?” He wants kids to be excited about learning. And I think he’s done it.

I am so impressed with EEME. It really does encourage curiosity, communication, and critical thinking. I wonder if I had something like this in my youth if I would have become even more fascinated with electronics. I mean, it’s interesting but I had no reason to be excited about it – unless I really thought reading chapters in my textbook was exciting … it wasn’t.

We received the Builder pro version of Project Genius Light. It includes the top enclosure cover, thumb screws and nuts. The Builder basic does not include those but it has the same exact educational offering.

You can subscribe to the EEME 5-month subscription box and sign up for free electronic lessons in your email.

Utah Valley Moms received this product in exchange for a review. All opinions are our own.