Customer Value Package is a local company that offers their customers not just a coupon, but a whole deal package for local companies. Their Blackjack Pizza coupon package is only $12.50 yet it is worth $140!

The Blackjack Pizza package includes a $25 gift certificate plus many other appealing offers like buy one, get one free.  The rest of the offers that come in the one Blackjack Pizza coupon package can be found at Customer Value Package.  Our favorite thing about Customer Value Package is that they are not like other sites in that you get 50% off of a gift certificate and that’s it.  No, they offer the 50% off or other percentage off of a gift certificate plus a whole list of more coupons.  You are getting way more out of their package deals than your cost and it is so worth it!

Photo courtesy of Customer Value Package

I’ll be honest. I meant to take some photos like we did of our last Customer Value Package experience, but we were so hungry that we devoured the food way too quickly. We decided to first use the $25 gift certificate. I had sent my husband in to order the food while I stayed out in the car with my daughter who was fast asleep from feeling sick. I had no idea what he could order with $25 and it turns out, he could order a lot of food! We ended up with two extra large pizzas and cheese breadsticks. We only paid an extra dollar which means that our coupon package is already very worth it! If you’re like us who like to buy from the same restaurants over and over again, these types of gift certificate and coupon packages are absolutely perfect! We will still be able to use this package for many more times and still get a great deal on our purchases!

Stay tuned for our giveaway of the exact same package next week on our Facebook page sponsored by Customer Value Package!

Customer Value Package has other categories for coupon packages and is currently looking for other businesses that you might enjoy.  Make sure to find them on Facebook and let them know what sort of coupon package deal you would like to see next!

UVM received this package in exchange for a review. All opinions are our own.