I was provided chiropractic services in return for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

I have been terrified of chiropractors ever since I can remember. They crack the body and it looks brutal. The whole process looks scary.

The lady who contacted me about meeting with Dr. Nate Roberts from Back to Balance Chiropractic and Wellness in West Jordan talked me into blogging about Dr. Roberts and I did not want to go. And it didn’t help that after I had agreed, I watched The Bachelorette which showed one of the guys getting adjustments that looked awfully horrifying. However, somehow I ended up going with my entire family last Saturday morning.

We arrived and although there was a sign out near the street, the building is a little brown building with absolutely no words on it or numbers. The receptionist, who just happened to be Dr. Roberts’ wife, was very friendly and almost made me forget that I was about to see a chiropractor. Well, my husband was about to see one. I had determined that there was no way he was going to make any joints of mine pop.

My husband and I met with Dr. Roberts and he answered every single question that we had about the body and the field of being a chiropractor. The most interesting thing that I took away from Dr. Roberts is that he truly cares about his patients and because of that, he will do whatever he can to help his patients get better.

Dr. Roberts is not there to try to make as much money as he can – he won’t try to sell you on a 12-month plan or special gear that may or may not fix your problem. In fact, he mentioned that eliminating wheat from your diet and drinking more water will actually help 30% of the people that he sees and talks to about problems they are having with their bodies. And after doing some research (and listening to his mini lecture), I believe it.

Dr. Roberts theme, if you will, is that his patients should always be getting better. He focuses on improving the tissues and bones through nutrition and home care, as well as a few things that he is able to do at the office. Surgery and drugs always come last because he wants to make sure that he has done all he can do to improve the body and the problems.

Pregnancy and sports injuries are Dr. Roberts’ specialties, but he can work with anyone for any reason. As I’ve been through two pregnancies, he explained how adjustments can be helpful because if you are aligned, it can help with the actual comfortableness of pregnancy as well as the birth of the baby! How did I not know this before?!

After our discussion, which is something that he does with patients, we moved to a different room to do some adjustments and he said that he could even help my shoulder pain which would include absolutely no joint popping. I was able to watch Dr. Roberts work on my husbands back. He first did a hip adjustment manually which didn’t seem as scary as I thought it might be. And although my husband is definitely bigger than Dr. Roberts, he was able to handle my husband just fine. Then Dr. Roberts moved to my husband’s middle and upper back and used an “Activator” on him, which is essentially just this little tool that is spring-loaded and will do the adjustments instead of doing it manually. It feels like a sudden tap and he can adjust it determined by how fast/hard it needs to be. Watching Dr. Roberts use the Activator was not scary at all.

So I decided I was up for the Activator. However, first he worked on my shoulders. He showed me a two-person exercise to do to help relieve the pain and then taught my husband how to do the exercise with me so that he could help me at home. See? Isn’t he great? Dr. Roberts didn’t hide the exercise from us but instead showed us how to do it so we’d never have to see him again for my shoulder tightness.

Then Dr. Roberts used a machine which essential tightens my muscles and then releases them … for 10 minutes. He placed it on my shoulders and they were tingly for at least 20 minutes after. But the most amazing thing was that they didn’t hurt at all and still don’t hurt and it has been three days. I actually had no idea that my shoulders could feel so loose! While he was running that machine, he used the activator on my back and hips to realign them and although I was still a bit terrified, everything went well and it didn’t hurt one bit.

After spending all of that time with Dr. Roberts last Saturday, the two things that sticks out in my head about his is that he is genuine and that he really is all about wellness. He is so kind, he seems very knowledgeable, and I truly believe that he wants people to feel better and is willing to get people to that point, even if it means that the person will no longer be paying him money to visit him at the office. Dr. Roberts is very focused on getting people better.

In fact, on a side note, Dr. Roberts even stayed late on Saturday to not only answer all of our questions, but he also stayed to help a man who had walked in to see if Dr. Roberts could help him after us. On a SATURDAY!

So, if you are a skeptic like I was about chiropractors, I would recommend seeing Dr. Roberts, even if it’s just for a consultation. He is willing and wanting to help anyone and everyone with pregnancies, sports injuries, and any other pains and discomforts. And if you are scared like I am of the popping, just let him know so that he can use the Activator, because there is nothing scary about that thing. Dr. Roberts also can work with anyone with insure or even those without insurance.

Stay in touch with him on Faceboook – he just finished running a giveaway (and will run more) and posts good information.

Dr. Nate Roberts
7669 S. Redwood Road
West Jordan, UT 84084

[email protected]

When you make your appointment, mention that you were referred by Utah Valley Moms and you will get 45% off your first visit.

And yes, he is in West Jordan so all of you here in Utah County may think it’s too far to go, but when you get such great service from a genuine doctor, the travel is worth it. I live in next to Provo Canyon in Orem and it took us about 35 minutes to get there and I don’t regret it at all!


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