The Provo Treasure Hunt continues with the “Mini Hunt,” a.k.a. not cash, has begun today and a $50 Pizza Pie Cafe gift card is up for grabs.

The first clue is up:
Did you know that PPC has 11 locations? Go to their website and take the first letter from the 2nd, 6th, 7th and 11th location. In fact, take the first letter from the 6th location twice! While you are there, take the first letter from the last name of the Manager at the 8th location.

Now, check out their Pizza Menu and take the first letter from 2nd and 11th menu items.

Finally, check out the 9th item on the Pasta Menu and take the first letter.

What word can you make with all those letters? Figure it out over a filling dinner of all you can eat pizza at the Pizza Pie Cafe!!

Okay, so I found all the letters and was immediately confused. Anyone else with me?!

Update: Apparently we don’t use the letter from the 11th location. Thank goodness.

Clue #2:
Tuesday night is Karaoke night at Pizza Pie Cafe! Seriously! I’m not kidding! Do some hunting, then stop by for dinner and some songs. What should you sing? Here are some suggestions – Sweet Caroline, John Fogerty’s big hit, Gary Lewis and the Playboys first #1 or Little Darlin’.

I haven’t done much research into this one … hopefully I’ll get to soon … maybe while I’m watching The Bachelorette!


And make sure that you thank Pizza Pie Cafe for sponsoring this mini hunt!

Good luck on your hunt and make sure to read up on the rules for the hunt – stay safe out there!