We went on vacation last week (and it was awesome) but that meant that I completely forgot to talk about my journey to toning my body with Revolt and my week three.

Week three was awesome.  The workouts were intense and I may or may have not made it through all of the videos at times.  I was totally sore one day but felt pretty good about where my body was going with the working out and eating healthy.

I guess a pro and con to this workout for me is that my goal is not to lose a lot of weight.  I’ve been following other bloggers and some are losing a good amount of weight and are looking great.  Unfortunately (and fortunately) for me, nobody may be able to tell that much has changed with me at the end of all of this which is a little discouraging.  However, any good progress and more toning is great.

Random fact for week three:  the lady who does the videos, Nichole, is from Utah County!  Love locals making dreams come true!