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My husband and I love food.  Over the past few years, we have become very picky about what we will eat.  We’ve cut out almost all fast food and if the service or food doesn’t impress us at a restaurant, we won’t go back.

Happy Sumo is one place that we absolutely love and then when we found out they have a VIP menu, we jumped right on board.

We were able to take a date night last weekend to visit Happy Sumo.  Knowing that there is a “Wine & Dine After 9″each weekend night, we went but didn’t take a voucher which allows 50% off of food because we’ve never needed one before.  Usually they just give us a slip to fill out.  When we told the waitress we didn’t have one with us, she said that she couldn’t allow us to use it without proof.

Proof of what?  That we know about their VIP menu?  That we knew which items we could get 50% off of that night?

She asked if we could show the VIP slip on our phones.  Nope.  We aren’t like all the cool people with internet on our phones.  But the cool people next to us at the sushi bar did and we could use their phone for “proof.”

She called over her manager and said that we didn’t have our slip and we couldn’t show the slip on our phones but we could on our friendly neighbor’s phone.  He said, “Okay.  Show me.”

So the nice man pulled up the website with the VIP slip (from his account, by the way), handed it to us, and my  husband showed the manager.  It worked and we got 50% off our entire meal – Chong’s Chicken, Cabana Roll, Vegas Roll, and a Sumo Sampler – all for $20!

But my question still remains, we obviously knew about the VIP menu, we knew what the VIP deal was, and if we could have showed it on our phones but didn’t have the internet, why would we have to show it on some stranger’s phone?  What was the whole point of this proof thing?  As I’ve linked here on this post, it is very simple to find the VIP menu and voucher – when the month changes, you just change it up in the URL.  It just took a simple Google search to find this link.

So I’m still confused as to why it was such a big deal that we didn’t print one off but I will definitely remember for the next time to print one off.

And they are lucky.  If something like this was to happen at almost any other restaurant, we wouldn’t go there again.  The waitress created too big of a hassle for us.  But the food is just too good!  And a whole meal for two (that we didn’t even finish in one sitting) for $20?  Amazing!

I highly recommend Happy Sumo.  All of their main dishes are excellent, their sushi has top notch, and their appetizers are always good.  It is a more expensive restaurant to eat at, but it is very worth it.  And if you join their VIP list, you can get food for much cheaper, which, in my opinion, always makes the food taste just a little bit better.

Happy Sumo is located at the Riverwoods in Provo near Tucanos.

Happy Sumo November 2015 VIP Menu


  1. I am a regular of Shoga Sushi bar and I decided to try Happy sumo since it is very close to my work. Well the place looks nice and trendy and with a nice athmosfere, now about the food … most of the sushi rolls were ok, nothing like the ones I am used to at Shoga, but not awful. I think the first thing that screams mediocre sushi at any place is a non Japanese chef. And there were 3 very young people behind the bar with not a hint of asian in their blood . Having said that I still gave it a try , after I ate a couple of rolls I looked at the bar and noticed 2 of the “chefs” were eating , I don’t know what they were having but they both also had their gloves on. They ate and drank and then continued to prepare food without changing gloves or washing hands. I was a bit grossed out by then when one of the guys’ phone rings and he answers it in the middle of food preparing also with his gloves on , and then walks outside to talk , when he comes back he still has his gloves on and proceeds to prepare more food. By now I was completely disgusted. I complained to the waitress, which went onto tell me that she was too busy to notice what they were doing all the time and that she did not know if they were allowed to eat at the bar or not. By now I was not only disgusted but I was mad at the poor explanation she gave as an excuse to get out of a sticky situation. Needless to say I left a very small tip ($2 since she was prompt in serving us) and I bowed to never return to this place which looks all that for it’s location but leaves a lot to be desired.

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