I like to carry my camera around with me but it’s become a hassle with children plus diaper bag plus a camera bag.  It just starts feeling impossible some days.  However, Camera Coats contacted us and we got to try out their product.  But don’t worry, all opinions are our own despite receiving this product.

Camera Coats are:
-Simple, easy, and smart. Your camera is protected whether its around your neck, in your purse, or stuffed into you carry on bag
-Carefully handmade by women in the USA
-Fitted, padded, waterproof design. (Patented May 2014)
-Come in 5 different sizes (along with matching straps)
-Packaged and shipped by adults with disabilities



After being able to use this bag, I think this is a great camera bag for moms.  It helps keep my camera safe but isn’t bulky like my normal camera bag.  In fact, I think I might get one for my friend as a photography gift as she is a gifted photographer.  They are so cute with so many various sizes and patterns which makes it great for those who like something cute and unique.  For me, however, I just went with plain black.  Although there are some really cute polka dots inside.

Warning, straps do come separately, however, it fits into my purse and diaper bag which is great for taking on any outing and one less strap on my shoulder.  You could also leave the strap around your camera hanging out and put it on your shoulder that way.

Camera Coats Discount

Use the code “UtahValley30″ for 30% off your purchase of a camera bag!

Find Camera Coats online:
Facebook: http://facebook.com/cameracoats
Instagram: @camera_coats
Pinterest: @cameracoats
Twitter: @cameracoats


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