Sub Zero Ice Cream Review

If you haven’t been to Sub Zero Ice Cream, you’re missing out on a unique experience to watch your ice cream be made fresh right in front of you.

Sub Zero started in 2005 with one location in Orem, Utah. It was connected to their Mexican Food Restaurant and was more of the add on to the restaurant. Well, turns out, the ice cream became quite popular to open new Utah locations and after appearing on Shark Tank, the business started really expanding to outside of Utah.

The unique thing about Sub Zero is that they have made getting ice cream an experience. You walk in, order from a menu, and watch it be made fresh in front of you.

Sub Zero Ice Cream Menu

First you choose the cream. The choices include lactose free, vegan, sugar free, low-fat, and cream. Next you choose your flavor. You can choose a combination of flavors to get a unique flavor or just choose one. After that, you have the option to add mix-ins. Mix-ins include fruit, candy, nuts, and baked goods. Then they add in Nitrogen into your cream, flavor, and mix-ins to create your ice cream.

Smoothies, drinks, Italian ice, and other options may be available at your local Sub Zero.

Sub Zero Ice Cream Review
Italian Ice

I personally have always loved Sub Zero. It has been a couple of years since I’ve been but we used to be regulars when we lived closer to the Provo location that was in Brigham’s Landing near BYU. I have always loved being able to choose my own cream. When you order, you don’t have to look at a special menu or choose from one of the few options they have available for unique dietary restrictions; you get to order like everyone else.

The flavors are always spot on. I always enjoy my fruit flavors but others that I have tried were always good. We used to be a fan of Mt. Dew flavor with gummy bear mix-ins. I have no idea why it tasted so good but it was a favorite. I usually enjoy a black raspberry with Oreo or brownie mix-ins. It’s the fruity/chocolate flavor that I’m looking for.

You can also choose to make the ice cream harder which seems to be how it was originally back so many years ago. They add more Nitrogen instead of a slightly softer ice cream. I actually really enjoy it both ways.

Sub Zero also offers a Soda Lab where you can choose flavors and mix them to create your own unique sodas.

The Provo Center Street location (62 W. Center Street) is a fun place to hang out. They have an upstairs with a gorgeous view of downtown Provo. They also have some great walls for those of us who love to take photos of ourselves, family, friends, and food while enjoying ice cream. It fits in with the theme of Downtown Provo so when you’re in the area, make sure you stop by.

Sub Zero Ice Cream Review

Here in Utah County, we have a few Sub Zero locations including Provo Center Street, Provo Towne Center Mall, Spanish Fork, and Alpine.

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