Tenney's Pizza Utah

If you’re a foodie like I am, then you really enjoy a unique, good pizza. I had driven by Tenney’s Pizza multiple times as it’s in the same parking lot as Costco in Lehi but had never tried it.

We ended up trying the Kicken Chicken and the Chicken Alfredo. I always love to try Chicken Alfredo pizzas but usually they get over heated and dry. Not this one, however. It stayed moist through the cooking and was delicious. The Kicken Chicken is slightly spicy but for those who eat spicy foods often, you may not be able to taste it. We included the special Tenney’s crust with the Kicken Chicken and that was really good. It’s a little extra but worth it. The crust on the pizza is thinner which was perfect for me. There are other crusts to try but I always enjoy being able to taste my pizza flavors and not just crust.

Tenney’s Pizza Giveaway

Enter to win 1 of 2 gift cards to use at Tenney’s by entering through our Instagram. We will randomly choose 1 winner who will receive 1 gift card for themselves and 1 gift card for a tagged friend.