Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic
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If there’s one single thing that I could mention that I love so much about Labor Day weekend, it would be that I love being up in the mountains in the fresh air.

This Labor Day weekend, we spent the weekend up in Midway with the Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic and stayed at the Zermatt, the official lodge of the Classic.

We had gone last year but I was so sick that I had a hard time enjoying the weekend at all. In fact, I had so much medicine in me that I hardly remember anything about the weekend. This year, however, I made sure we all stayed healthy so we could enjoy the weekend and we had a blast.

The Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic is a 4-day event at Soldier Hollow over Labor Day weekend. It is a very family-friendly event with lots to do and see. We only went for one day but I could have easily gone for two days and enjoyed every minute of it. The Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic has sheep herding by the sheepdogs which is a blast to watch. Every dog is different and performs differently on the course. For the first 3 days, there is one course that every dog must take the sheep through. On the Championship day, the course changes slightly and is even more intense to watch. You can bring lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy the sport that way, or you can find a seat on the bleachers that are provided.

via Sharon Hatch

My kids’ favorite part is watching the Splash Dogs. We have yet to see an actual competition but there are dogs that go through the entire time and practice jumping off the ledge into a pool. The kids get a hoot out of watching the dogs leap into the air and splash into the pool. We could easily spend a few hours just watching the Splash Dogs perform.

Via Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship

This year we actually looked at the schedule and tried to hit all of the shows and exhibits. We saw birds, native animals that we usually don’t see up close (like skunks), the flying dogs (dogs doing tricks and catching frisbees), and a few other attractions. My kids loved this little wooden box (like a sand box) that they could climb into and pet an enormous rabbit and tortoise. Any chance my kids could get, they were sticking their hands through gates and fences trying to pet any animal that was on display, including some sheep. We also played the Corn Hole game that was set up for a long time.

My favorite part, as with almost every event, was the atmosphere. Not only is it gorgeous at Soldier Hollow, but I love feeding off everyone’s excitement and happiness. People were there with families and friends, enjoying the food, enjoying the animals, and most of all, enjoying the event.

The Zermatt Resort was a nice way to end our day at the Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic. It is about 5-10 minutes away, not far at all, and is one of our favorite places to stay that isn’t too far away from home. The kids love the carousel and the goats that are in the back of the property. We chased a marmot down a stream for a while and found out that the goats liked the apples that we found on the ground of the property. They also have tennis courts, a life-sized chess/checkers game, mini golf, and a lot of outdoor things you can rent to enjoy your time there. The indoor/outdoor pool is great (if the kids are little and not great swimmers, remember to take some floaties to keep them up in the water since the indoor pool is 3.5-5 feet deep) and the wellness center is perfect for working out in.

So right now, mark the  Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic on your calendar for next year. It’s an event we look forward to each year and I’d hate for you to miss out on it.