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This Is The Place Heritage Park offers some incredible events for Halloween. We happened to go over Fall Break when it was still warm and it was fantastic.

I would encourage you to attend Little Haunts on October 31 at This Is The Place Heritage Park. The kids dress up in their Halloween costume and get to trick-or-treat around the park. The kids had a blast. We also stayed for a Costume Parade which was adorable. Afterwards there was a candy cannon which the kids were so excited about.

Unfortunately for me, I lost my kids during that time and then I was one of “those” parents who were moving kids out of the way after the candy landed on the ground, although not because I was trying to get candy for my kid, but because I had finally spotted my children and was trying to get over to them before I lost them in the crowd again. That is for sure the last time I ever turn around in a large crowd to walk away from my kids a few steps to grab the stroller. Next time I’ll just lose the stroller and worry about it later.

My kids loved the pony rides and the train ride. But just a hint, if there’s a lot of people at the north train stop (by the restaurant), walk to any other train stop to get onto the train. There was a lot of pushing, shoving, and upset parents. Luckily I was with my mother who is quite old and just walked up to a bench on the train and got on. I mean, we were there before almost everyone else so we deserved it, but still, having an old person with you who people can’t get too mad at helps.

Haunted Village
October 14-31, Wednesday-Saturday

Little Haunts
October 15-17, 24 and 31
10 am – 5 pm

Also, use the code “Utah Valley Moms” to get $2 off admission to Little Haunts. Get $5 off admission by going to the website and downloading a coupon.