We had the opportunity to travel a little North to Draper to visit Color Me Mine for a family night. Although my husband and I had gone on a date night about 6 years ago together, we hadn’t gone together or even with the kids since then.

Monday night happened to be family night which meant there was a $4 sitting fee instead of the regular $6-10. Our kids only spent a minute or so looking through all the options until they knew the exact piece they wanted. That’s what’s great about kids though, they don’t over think most things. When I choose, I go up and down, up and down, then spend an extra 5 minutes trying to decide. My kids have been wanting a piggy bank so when they saw the wide collection of banks, they were sold.


Sammy, the worker, made sure we were finding everything okay and was willing to help us with paint, stencils, stickers, and anything else we needed. She was fantastic and even took some time to make sure my daughter was able to and help my daughter to get a little snowflake stencil onto theĀ penguin.

We got little pallets of colors for the banks and the kids enjoyed painting their ceramic pieces. When they were done, we left everything on the table as instructed and were able to head out for the evening. As a mom, I’ll just tell you right now, it was so nice to not have to clean up after the kids’ painting.


VisitĀ Color Me Mine, 131 E. 12300 S. Suite R-100, Draper

It will take about 5 days for them to finish our pieces so stay tuned to our Instagram (@utahvalleymoms) to see the finished product! I’ll just tell you right now, I am beyond excited to see my son’s monster truck. That thing has some pretty interesting colors on it.