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Tales of Spook” is an E-Book by Lady Jennivieres Quill. It is a book perfect for children 8-14 years old. It is about a boy who meets an ugly, purple monster who he found in his basement one day.

I thought this was a pretty unique book with an interesting plot line for kids. It’s a cute story with good characters who are also great examples as they are good kids. And I loved that a main character is a monster as it’s something that kids actually think about and may believe in. These characters are ones that children can relate to or feel like they understand which is great for creating a favorite book with the kids. The story teaches that each choice has a consequence, both good and bad.

Here’s what the book is about:

Everything is great in Noel Hawthorne’s life. He’s an only child, popular and his birthday is right around the corner. Then, he meets an ugly, purple monster named Spook living in the basement and his world is forever changed. Spook’s life … not so great. But he is  armed with a plan and the determination to change his life. Noel has a best friend named Stacy, a plan and one day to stop Spook. The question is, do Noel and Stacy have determination? If they fail, someone will spend a lifetime living in the shadows eating dryer lint.


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Tales of Spook