I have such a hard time telling stories. My parents never told me stories growing up and so I never had that exposure as to how to even begin to think of a story and then relay it to my children off the top of my head.

“Tell Me a Story in the Dark: A Guide to Creating Magical Bedtime Stories for Young Children” by John Olive is the perfect sort of book for me. This book shows you how to prepare and tell a story. It talks about the benefits of storytelling. This book provides a treasure trove of stories that parents and other caregivers can adapt for their children. It also, most importantly for me, teaches you how to make up and tell your own stories.


I absolutely love how easy this book made it for me to tell stories to my children. It has helped me become more of a storyteller and the kids hear a lot less, “How about we ask Dad to tell you a story?”

You can find this book on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback.